Gourmet Dessert For Your Special Occasion

No matter what the occasion, having the right gourmet dessert is sure to make the event even more popular. During the planning stages of your party, keep in mind not only the individual tastes of your guests, but also any special dietary needs. Although you may not be able to choose a gourmet dessert that appeals to everyone or that everyone can enjoy, you can accommodate as many as possible. Of course, if you choose to make your desserts rather than buy them from a baker or other source, you can make adjustments to your recipes for those who are unable to tolerate certain ingredients. For example, if you have guests who are dieting or are diabetic, you can substitute Splenda, Equal, or Sweet-n-Low for the sugar in your recipes. If you're having a rather large crowd, you may want to offer a couple of choices for your guests who require a reduced-sugar gourmet dessert.

No matter what the occasion, New York Cheesecake is always a favorite among guests everywhere. With variations to the recipes, you can turn an ordinary dessert into a gourmet dessert in minutes. For your guests who may prefer cheesecake without any fruit or other toppings, the very delicacy of these delicate delights is enough to keep everyone happy throughout the party. Though very rich by nature, minor adjustments can by made for your guests who prefer something with less sugar or calories. For example, cream cheese is available in a non-fat or low-fat variety, and you can make your fruit toppings with sugar substitutes or buy the brands that are sugar-free.

Of course, large parties are not the only occasions where you may choose to serve a gourmet dessert. A small get together with business associates may be an occasion for a delicacy such as Baked Alaska or Chocolate Lava Cake with Cherry Sauce. Both are dastardly rich, yet each is a gourmet dessert in its own right that is fit to be served to a king. It isn't very difficult to make either of these sweet treats, but you do need to set aside some preparation time. The Baked Alaska, of course, uses ice cream so you can begin preparations earlier in the week and finish the day of your dinner party. Keep in mind that once you heat it after preparation, you must serve it immediately. This is not a gourmet dessert that you can set out to reach room temperature while you enjoy dinner.

Choosing a gourmet dessert to fit the occasion is not the difficult task that you may think. With such a variety of choices of recipes both in cookbooks and online, even the host of hostess who lacks a great deal of creativity can choose something to fit each occasion without preparing the same gourmet dessert more than once to the same group of guests. Take the time to experiment, and the next time you have a party, try a new gourmet dessert on your guests to delight their taste buds.

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