Kids Party: Have a Taco Bar

Know a kid who doesn't love tacos? Probably not. There aren't many kids who don't like tacos. If you are looking for a great way to "spice up" a kid's party, consider setting up a taco bar. You can even go a step further and purchase a pinata, for the event. Stuff the pinata with individually wrapped candies, small toys from the dollar store, and coins.

Because most children don't like, or simply can't tolerate, extremely spicy hot foods, you'll want to keep the spices at a minimum. But by no means will this lessen the fun. Keep a bottle of hot sauce, spicy salsa, and chopped jalapeno peppers on the side for adults. Make sure they're out of reach of little fingers who don't know what they might be getting into.

This idea will probably work better for kids who are able to assemble their own tacos. They will love the creative outlet! Younger guests will, or course, need a bit of help filling their shells. Children's eyes are bigger than their tummies so most kids will overfill their plates, but that's okay. The ingredients are inexpensive. A taco bar is twice the fun because it's food and fun. A way to entertain the kids at the party as well as feed them.

If you have ever visited a taco bar, in a Mexican restaurant, you have probably noticed that it features other dishes in addition to tacos. Although this is perfectly acceptable, for a kid's party, you'll probably want to keep things simple and stick with the basics.

The great thing about a taco bar is the fact that much of the prep work can be done before the day of the party. Hamburger can be cooked and seasoned the day before. Refrigerate it and then warm and use straight from your crock pot.

You can also dice everything beforehand and store in separate containers, in the refrigerator. Lettuce, tomatoes and cheese can easily be prepared ahead. Also include chopped cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers (not spicy) cooked corn, jicama, black beans, refried beans, and lemon and lime slices. Shredded chicken and broken up fish sticks work well as taco fillings too.

On the day of the party, transfer desired sauces and condiments into colorful bowls. Include things like guacamole, sour cream, shredded mild cheeses, shredded sharp cheeses, mild salsa, green and black olives.

Arrange everything on a buffet table. Provide a variety of shells, several different beverage options, plenty of napkins and let the fiesta begin!

For dessert keep the theme going with a tostada dessert bar. Tostada are flat crispy corn tortillas that have been baked or fried. Usually they're not salty so they make a good carrier for the dessert items. Have chocolate and vanilla puddings, sliced fresh fruit, small candies like M&Ms, butterscotch pieces, miniature marshmallows, gummy bears, and of course whipped cream. Children spread the tostada with the pudding of their choice and then garnish with the candies and fruit and top with whipped cream.

A taco bar and tostada dessert bar make for a fun and entertaining kid's party idea.

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