Turn Your Party into a Special Occasion

Hosting your own event usually ends up being more work than you expected. A private catering company can take care of the headaches so you can enjoy your guests and the occasion.

Does it ever happen that you host a celebration in your home and you end up not enjoying it as much as you thought you would? Chances are you were running around making sure the food was hot, the drinks cold and that everyone was having a good time – except you.

The effort involved in planning and hosting an event almost makes it not worthwhile. It also makes the advantages of private catering more inviting. Having someone else take care of all the headaches, and being able to actually enjoy your own party, has made private catering an increasingly popular choice for hosts in Toronto and the GTA.

The problem is, how do you find a catering company that will look after everything with the same care that you would have?

When choosing a private catering company, it’s important to check references and testimonials. If the company has performed well for others, then there’s a better chance they will do so for you. Make sure they have experience in the sort of event you are planning.

Obviously, the menu is very important. Toronto is a cosmopolitan city and your catering company should have menus that appeal to a variety of tastes and cultures. Food quality is of increasing importance to your health conscious guests, so ask your caterer about ingredients and preparation methods.

It’s best to use a full-service private catering company. The services you need will depend on the scale of your event, but your catering company should be able to handle any affair.

Depending on your event, you may need servers, bartenders, tables, chairs, cutlery, dinnerware, furniture dressing, canopies – the list goes on. In addition, your catering company will need to set up, clean up and take everything away.

It’s a lot to consider – so your catering company should also have experienced party planners to help you sort through the details. But, does such a private catering company exist in Toronto?

Ida’s Kitchen has over 30 years experience in private catering. Ida is a master chef who specializes in a variety of Canadian and international menus created with the highest quality and healthiest ingredients. Ida’s Kitchen can take care of all the details for your event and their professional and courteous servers will make sure your guests are well looked after.

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