Valentine Recipes - The Italian Way

Reflecting the country’s diverse cultural history and traditional heritage, Italian cuisines are some of the most famous dishes appreciated all over the world today. From everyday preparations made in exotic Italian style to special recipes for special occasions, Italy offers the world a wide variety of cuisines. While a traditional Italian menu comprises of some main items like antipasto, primo, secondo, contomo, dolce, caffe and liquors, in celebration of special occasions and holidays, Italians have their exclusive range of culinary preparations. Events like La Festa di San Giuseppe, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are celebrated in Italy with special preparations like Zeppelin (a Sicilian pastry), preparations made with fava bean and seafood preparations.

As in various other parts of the world, in Italy also Valentine’s Day is celebrated with different types of cakes, pastries and special dessert preparations. The Italian Love Cake is today one of the most popular Valentine’s Day preparations, popular not only in Italy but also in many other countries. Prepared with cake mix, ricotta cheese, eggs, sugar and vanilla essence, the Italian lovecake is one of the most special treats you can give your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. The topping of this delicious cake is usually prepared with chocolate pudding, milk and whipped cream.

Along with special Italian pastries, items like Italian wine and traditional Italian pizzas (prepared in shape of a heart) are some other preparations from this land that form some of the world’s favorite Valentine’s Day treat today. So try preparing some authentic Italian dishes this Valentine for your beloved or go for an Italian-styled celebration in a famous Italian restaurant. Once you try out some exclusive Italian preparations, you can rest assured the experience will be one that you will remember for a lifetime.

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