Webkinz Holiday Recipes

Did you plan to do something special for your Webkinz this holiday season? I did. I got my kids to sit around the computer with me one morning and told them that their Webkinz were going to have a big Christmas Eve Party.

Next I got a Christmas tree and gathered all of their Webkinz together into one room with plans of making them some holiday food. But to my surprise there really aren't any Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa Webkinz Recipes. I was surprised because on Halloween, I treated my Webkinz to Halloweenog. I think for Christmas, I'm going to have to improvise.

Maybe I could start with something like Hot Cocoa. That's a festive holiday drink. But since I was set on making Webkinz Recipes maybe there was a Cocoa like recipe that I could try. Our Webkinz can have hot chocolate any day of the year. This was a holiday party, so we needed something a little more fancy. I took a quick look at a list of recipes that I've been meaning to try and saw Hot Marshmallow. It's made with Marshmallows, Milk and a Chocolate Bar in the blender. Sounds like fancy hot cocoa to me. We went to the W. Shop and bought 5 Marshmallows, 5 Milks and 5 Chocolate Bars so we could make Hot Marshmallow for each Webkinz.

After my daughter clicked the blend button we saw that Hot Marshmallow looked more like a big meatloaf than a festive holiday drink. But everyone was happy when we fed it to the Webkinz and they said it was Mmmmm to to max!

Dead set on serving hot chocolaty drink, I tried again. Ah-ha, I found a recipe for Trippple Hot Chocolate. With three P's it's got to be good. So we loaded the blender with Chocolate Milk, Hot Cocoa and a Chocolate Bar. Yes, Trippple Hot Chocolate was perfect.

Now that the Webkinz had a hot drink, it was time for a hot meal. Zazzeloop Soup is pretty festive looking with it's little Christmas trees on top so we ran out to the W. Shop again to buy some Pizza, Lollipops and Tomato Soup. Zazzeloop Soup is a stove/grill/cauldron recipe but we decided to use the stove. I guess we'll save the grill for the summer parties and the cauldron is definitely for Halloween.

Voila, Zazzeloop Soup! Now we were on a roll. Most of the Webkinz' Hunger Meters were way up in the 90s. I think I even saw a few of them loosen their belts. Well, not really but I told the kids that anyway.

After watching a little Chef Gazpacho on the flat screen we decided the party was over. We had a real holiday get together with the kids' Grandma in a few hours so it was time to start getting ready. We walked each of the Webkinz back to their rooms and put them to bed. Our little holiday party made the Webkinz Happy, Healthy and maxed out their Hunger Meters. And I think that if my kids had Happy Meters, they would have been maxed out too.

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