Bulk Organic Herbs - Better for You, Better for the World.

Bulk herbs are good to have on hand for both culinary and apothecary purposes and bulk organic herbs are far superior to any other kind. Buying herbs wholesale however means that you won’t necessarily have to pay a premium for bulk organic herbs.

Why Organic?

It has become very apparent to people (if not their political leaders and corporate agricultural conglomerates) that the way food is raised and distributed today – with the use of artificial, petroleum-based fertilizers, shipping long distances, and the use of genetically-modified seeds – is not only bad for people’s health, it is bad from an socio-economic standpoint and bad for the planet. As a result, consumers are increasingly turning to locally and sustainably raised alternatives such as organic spices. These dried herbs are not only better for you, they are better for the world.

While organic spices and other organic food have traditionally been more expensive on the shelves, prices on many organic items have been coming down as supplies have increased. In addition, while bulk organic herbs may still have a higher shelf price than their non-organic counterparts, many of the "hidden costs" that are not paid directly, but rather in the form of illnesses, environmental problems and economic exploitation are absent. For these reasons, it’s actually less expensive in the long term to support producers of organic spices and dried herbs. As more consumers reject big corporate agriculture and turn to bulk organic herbs and other organic products, whole bulk spice costs should come down over time – and you may enjoy additional discounts when you purchase such herbs wholesale.

What is Available?

Nearly any kind of spice or herb available through standard corporate markets can also be obtained as bulk organic herbs. Wholesale bulk spice is derived from one of several plant-based sources:

1.Seeds: these include sesame, anise, nutmeg and poppyseed, among others.

2.Leaves: these are perhaps the most common of dried herbs. Most popular in cooking are members of the mint family, such as oregano, basil, and rosemary.

3.Roots: these may be in the form of dried herbs that are then powdered, such as licorice; more often however, retailers that sell bulk organic herbs usually carry these in the form of pastes, such as horseradish.

4.Bark: Cinnamon is among the most popular bulk herbs that fall into this category.

5.Fruits and bulbs: like roots, these bulk herbs are usually prepared as a paste, although some, such as garlic, can also be available in a dried powdered form.

Are They All Really Herbs?

Strictly speaking, not all of these wholesale bulk spices are "herbs" in the technical sense. In a culinary context, "herbs" are the leaves of plants, and may be used fresh or dried. Everything else – seeds, roots, bark and fruits and bulbs – are considered "spices."

You can definitely save money by purchasing your herbs wholesale in bulk. While the actual amount you will save will vary depending on the source and types of bulk organic herbs you typically buy, it is a very economical way to stock your kitchen and your medicine cabinet.

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About The Author, Anne Harvester
Anne Harvester utilizes organic spices in her kitchen. She purchases dried herbs wholesale to save money. For many of these items she has found that she can stock up and not have to make as many purchases. Anne likes to have reputable resources for finding the highest quality wholesale bulk spices.