Dieting, The Cayenne Pepper Way

One of the greatest of health concerns in the world today is losing excess weight. Obesity has become a global epidemic and people of all ages are channeling more of their energies into shedding extra bulk to achieve healthier bodies.

There are a lot of methods, diets, exercises, pills, and even alternative remedies like hypnotherapy and acupuncture that are geared towards helping overweight individuals shed poundage. Depending on a person's orientation and preference, they may either choose to exercise vigorously, or limit their food intake. Of the many diets that exist to help people lose weight, the Cayenne Pepper Diet is presently in the spotlight.

Many people who have gone on the Cayenne Pepper Diet have a lot of good things to say about the regimen. In fact, this method of losing weight is fast becoming popular in Hollywood, with several celebrities attesting to its effectiveness in helping them shed excess pounds compared to other types of weight loss programs.

The Cayenne Pepper Diet is the intake of a mixture made up of lemon juice, filtered water, organic maple syrup, and copious amounts of cayenne pepper. This type of pepper is also known as chili, a kind of red hot pepper. Dieters can add as much cayenne pepper as their taste buds can tolerate. According to those who have successfully completed the Cayenne Pepper Diet, the hotter the concoction is, the more effective it will be in bringing about the desired results.

Also popularly known as the Master Cleanse Diet, the mixture is ingested every morning and evening for ten days to achieve a positive result in terms of weight loss, energy and improved disposition. Some people have been known to lose as much as 20 pounds after undergoing this strict regimen, thus giving their body increased energy due to the poundage lost.

The mixture can be taken either as a hot or cold beverage depending on the dieter's preference. In addition to this drink, most people recommend taking a laxative tea composed of warm water and salt as an alternate drink in the evenings.

Apart from helping a person lose weight and increasing the body's energy, one other benefit of the Cayenne Pepper Diet is that it dissolves and flushes out the toxins and other unwanted substances, microorganisms and chemicals from the body that have been pinpointed to be some of the causes of diseases. While it is not advisable to continue with the diet for more than 10 days, it is also not to one's advantage to abruptly go off this type of detoxification after the diet has ended.

Immediately segueing into solid food after the 10-day period is over will cause a person to develop the "dumping syndrome", a condition where the intestines become clogged with solid food right after a period of time of receiving only liquids. Nutritionists recommend gradually increasing the amount of solid food intake over a five-day period through soups, juices, vegetables and porridge until the intestines become accustomed to a solid diet once again.

The Cayenne Pepper Diet allows the body to gain more nutrients, such as Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. People on this diet, however, need to prepare themselves for some side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, migraines and weakness as the body gradually adjusts to the regimen. These symptoms gradually go away over the course of 10 days.

Advocates of the Cayenne Pepper Diet claim that while the pain of this type of fasting can be difficult to imagine, the benefits a person can derive from this diet is well worth the effort.

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