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Some Uses of Gourmet Spices
In ancient times the word "spice" was usually applied to aromatically scented herbs used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Today, the definition of "spice" is more widely described as imported, tropical herbal plants which are valued for their aromatic flavor and odor and have a multitude of uses.
The spices most of us are inclined to use frequently fall into three catagories: Culinary, Medicinal and Dietary Herbal Supplements.

In Culinary uses: Spices are added to meats, codiments, confections, vegetables, beverages, vinegar and wines. Olive and grapeseed oils, teas, and chocolate can also be classified as herbs in that they are also imported from tropical countries. Spices mixed into gourmet blends add much to the taste of many international dishes which have become common in our cusines. Herbs added to oils used in cooking can make the difference between an ordinary meal and a gourmet one.

In Medicinal uses: Herbs such as mint which contains menthol, and also herbs as basil, thyme, and sage are often used in over-the-counter medicines for sore throats, coughs, and bronchitis. Also, when herbs are combined with extracts from aloes, eucalyptus, camphor and benzoin make very effective salves and ointments for bruises, insect bites, wounds, minor burns, and minor skin irritations.

In Dietary Herbal Supplements: Herbs in combinations offer prevention of illness to sometimes curing an ailment. Some combinations suppress appetite for weight loss or speed up metabolism. Some herbs help you get a good night's sleep, while others elevate you mood. Others control pain and some cleanse the body.
Spices and herbs are used extensively now because more people are health conscious and spices and herbs are more readily available than at any other time in history.

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