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There are some great resources for buying your herb seeds on line or by mail. Some of these companies also have starter plants you can order during seasonal weather. These are companies which have been in business for many years. Their reputation has been built on supplying only the best herbs and plants to the customer. You can rest assured you will be completely satisfied with what you order from these companies.

Herbs are fun to grow, and they are easy to raise unless you choose to make a major project of it. Unfortunately, I have never developed a "green thumb"; most plants don't "just grow" for me. But herbs do. With very poor conditions, I manage to have all the herbs I want for myself or to give to friends.

Although herbs are supposed to need plenty of sunlight and an alkaline soil, mine get shade and clay. They do best with lots of space in which to grow; I have practically none. Our climate is dry, the winds hot, the growing season short. And still, should you stop by some afternoon, I can give you a cup of tea flavored with lemon balm, herb-flavored canap, and buttered scones spread with rose geranium jelly.

This company has been in business since 1969. They specialize in herbs. Some of them are very hard to find. The fantastic thing about their catalog is it has uses for the herbs they sell. You can order plant plugs from this company, as well. I have personally ordered from them and have never had any problems. You can get carried away by the selection Richter's offers. There are also growing supplies and some awesome books available too.

This is another very good company. They offer a wonderful variety of seeds for the home gardener. Johnny's also caters to the commercial grower. They do carry a line of organic products for the garden. They do carry a good supply of seed starter supplies.

Sand Mountain offers an extensive list of herbs both for cooking and medicinal use. The list is long and covers everything. If you want a wide variety to choose from, then Sand Mountain is the place to go.

This company has one of the largest selections of herbs that I have ever seen besides Richter's. You can find the descriptions of the plants, the growing season, and the uses for all the herbs they carry. The catalog is full of information for the home grower. This is actually a wonderful catalog for the beginner herbalist.

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