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Sabparod (Pineapple)

Scientific Name:Ananas comosus Merr.


Other names:Sabparod lai (Krungthep ) Lingthong (Petchboon) Kanoonthong, Yanaad Yaannaad (The Centeral Part) Sabparod (Ranong )Makhanaad, Manaad (The Northern Part ) Bornaad (Chiangmai ) Nae (Karen – Mae Hongsorn) Naesaa (Karen - Taak) Maakgaeng (Ngiew – Mae Hongsorn ) Maanya (Khmer)

Botanical features:

TrunkA kind of plant whose life cycle is not short has a short stalk of about 1-3 feet high. There are no branches but spathes that cover the stalk.

LeavesThe leaves of a pineapple tree are growing in a clump, in a spiral form with pointed, tapering ends and without stems. The leaves’ bases cover the stalk with their thorny edges. The leaves’ skin is smooth with dark green and red streak on the upper part and bluish white color on the underneath.

BlossomsA big bunch of flowers grows from the middle of the pinapple clump. The stems are big and strong. There are 3 small petals of which the upper part is purplish blue and the underneath is white. There are 6 pollens arranging in 2 layers.

Fruit A pineapple fruit has an oblong shape with a broader base. At the end of the fruit, there are dark green leaves in lumps. The fuit is big and has "eyes" around itself. It is green when young and bright yellow when fully ripe, with juice.


As foodsThe young crown, briefly boiled, is eaten with namprig (for example, hot- shrimps paste sauce). Fully ripe, sour fruits are ingredients for fried foods whereas the sweet ones are eaten as fruit.

Food valueThe meat of pineapple has a high quantity of Vitamin C, sugar and leaves are laxatives: Raw fruits are used as medicine for improving menstruation, getting rid of parasitic worms. Fully ripe fruits help digestion, sweat discharge and nourishment. Pineapple rinds help improve kidney. The young crown, as well as the roots, is a medicine for gallstone. Moreover, the roots are for Krasai sickness (the sickness that causes thinness and weakness) and for cleaning the urinary vessel.

Nam Sabparod (Pineapple Juice):

Ingredients Pineapple, granulated sugar, powdered salt, freshwater

Toei Hom (Pandanus)

Scientific Name:Pandanus odrous Ridl.


Other names:Waan Khaaw Mhai (The Northern Part )Panaeoring (The Southen Part ) Panaegueji (Muslim Thai ) Pannaan (Narathiwas – Pattanee ) Paanluung (Chinese)

Botanical features:

StalkA grass – type plant branching out in big clump is born from underground stem. The stalk of Toei – Hom is under the ground. The stem and leaves are about 2 feet high growing up on the ground.

LeavesThe leaves of Toei Hom grown on the stalk and around which abundantly arrange themselves in order. They are green, about 8-10 inches long with and oblong shape, pointed tips, and smooth edges. When crushed, the fresh leaves will give sweet, cool smell. The Toei Hom does not have blossoms.


As foodsWater squeezed from the Toei Hom leaves is used to flavor and colour Thai sweets.

Food value Fresh Toei Hom Leaves are fragrant, sweet with odorous vaporized oil including chlorophyll, the green substance used for colouring foods.

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