Home Made Herbal Recipes For Cough

Herbal Syrup Recipes

As a substitute for brown sugar, for every cup of liquid you may can add one or two cups of wholesome, alternative sweeteners, such as vegetable glycerine, honey, maple syrup or even Karo syrup.

The thicker the syrup is when you add the sweetener - and the sweeter it is - the better the preserving qualities, and the less you will have to cook it, thereby preserving more nutrients.

Herbal Deodorant Recipes

Used here as a preservative add the GFSE into the sage alcoholic tincture before you put the oils in otherwise the GFSE tends to separate the oils.

We have found you can mix and match you favorite essential oils. This deodorant has a sage, earthy fragrance. Most essential oils have anti-microbial properties and anti-odor properties.

Slice onions and place in a pan (I used an iron skillet). Drizzle lemon juice and honey over onions. Turn oven to lowest heat and place pan inside; cook 45 minute to 1 hour. Pour off juice and discard onions. Store "syrup" (juice) in a glass bottle and label. Makes about 1 cup cough syrup.

Combine Lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Slowly stir in the water. Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator - take 1-2 tbsp as needed for cough.

A natural homemade recipe for cough

Mother Nature bestows so many gifts upon us, providing all we could ever need for a long and healthy life; foods to nourish us, flowers, herbs and essential oils to restore harmony to the body-mind for example.

Little Miss Green developed a cough last week. Luckily we have thyme and sage in the garden for making a soothing and immune boosting tea. A couple of sprigs of thyme on top of the wood burner to keep the air free from germs and her cough was soon gone.

Coltsfoot and Horehound are expectorant herbs that should be used with a light hand - not too much, or it may make you cough too much because of their strong expectorant properties.

To the liquid herb concentrate add either 1 cup of honey, (for children over 2 years of age) or 1 cup of white grape juice concentrate and warm the liquid/tea mixture together, stirring well for about 20 minutes over low heat.

Vinegar has so many healthful uses. See my article, Vinegar: Ancient Medicine and Popular Home Remedy in Connections Quarterly, Summer 1998 Issue.


Any cough persisting more than a week, accompanied by headache or fever, and any cough which is productive of thick yellow or green mucous should be evaluated by a physician. One precaution I have read is regarding the honey: Do not give honey to children under 1 year of age unless it is pasteurized or boiled for five minutes.

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