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From the age of around 45 years, a majority of men begin to experience changes in their urination patterns. In varying degrees, the experience can be a subtle change or can become a very distressing painful and in some cases embarrassing experience. This is the age at which the prostate gland begins to change and may swell around the urethra and constrict the flow of urine. This may mean an increase in the urge to urinate more frequently as the restriction inhibits emptying of the bladder. In extreme cases the restriction may be extreme and result in painful slow elimination. Kidney problems may follow.

Most pharmaceutical products have limited if any effect and so, more and more men are turning to herbal alternatives with some promising results. Most recent prostate studies show that herbal remedies are a more effective treatment method than drugs.

The most common herbs used successfully are;
1.Saw Palmetto,
2.Stinging Nettle,
3.Rye Pollen,
4.Pygeum, and

Lycopene is one of the more promising recommended substances. It is a component of tomato and is only present in cooked tomato products. European diets where tomatoes are widely used have been associated with low incidence of prostate enlargement.

Erectile dysfunctions and painful ejaculations are associated with drug based treatments and so men are naturally very wary of this. Herbs on the other hand have few if any harmful effects. Herbs are also more affordable.

Combine Herbs For More Effective Treatment

Saw Palmetto Berry, stinging nettle and Pygeum Africanum, are often used in combination to produce a more potent and effective treatment for prostate problems.

The Saw Palmetto berry contains both serona repens and serrulata. Together these make a powerful combination, making it no surprise that this berry has been in use for hundreds of years. It is also an aphrodisiac which increases the production of sperm and increases sexual prowess.

On the other hand Stinging nettle has been recorded as an effective treatment of arthritis but also prostate disease.
The African Plum or Pygeum is another popular herb used to treat the prostate.

Whilst all these are effective in the treatment of prostate conditions, it is imperative to visit your doctor at least six monthly to check for changes in the size of the prostate. It is a case of early intervention as well as prevention may win the day.

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