Salt And Pepper Shakers

Even in today’s "cut back on salt in you diet philosophy" I can’t imagine a household not having at least one set of salt and pepper shakers. Even most restaurants you enter have them already pre-set on there tables. There use is considered an everyday standard.

Salt is now and has all ways been a necessity of life. In ancient times it came in block form and was used as currency and traded for other needs. It was used as a way to preserve food by drawing water out of bacteria. Of course, since the modern age of refrigeration it is not the commodity it use to be. However, it is still valuable to our health (in moderation). It regulates fluid balance necessary for nerve health, movement and brain function. In some third world nations it was mandated that iodine be added to their drinking water to prevent Goiter, stunted growth and reduced mental ability.

Rock Salt, made of the mineral Halite is ground up to produce ordinary table salt (sodium chloride). Originally table salt was put on the table in bowls called salt cellars, once moisture absorbing agents were added at the start of the Twentieth Century, ground salt in shakers replaced the salt cellars. In the 1940’s, when it became affordable for production, novelty shakers as marketing souvenirs became very popular.

Today, there are salt and pepper shakers available in every size and shape made of a variety of materials. The collecting of assorted novelty and antique shakers is very prevalent and there are many clubs associated with this hobby.

Salt and Pepper shakers are here to stay, there usefulness and decorative appreciation in our everyday life is evident.

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