Spicy Food That Titillates The World

Kerala regarded as God’s own country celebrated for its backwaters, provides vast opportunities for thegrowth of various industrial sectors , including food processing. Kerala is a land of spices considering the large variety of spices grown in the state. The state produces 12 varieties of spices including pepper, cardamom, clover, cinnamon etc. Apart from flavouring food and beverages, they are increasingly used in the manufacture of spice mixtures, oils, oleoresins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and aromatics.

Kerala contributes nearly half of India’s marine fish landing of sardines, shrimps, lobster cuttlefish, squid, tuna and so on, which have very high demand in the overseas markets, Raw materials for products related to marine life spices, cashew, herbals, fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee, dairy, meat and poultry are in abundance.

Abundance of coconut produce in the state can also translate into a major revenue stream. Kerala has a cusine as distintive as its cultural life, influenced by its long coastline and flavoured by the all-pervasive coconut, enriched by exotic fruits, vegetables, and seafood and garnished with the distinctive aroma of spices.

The festivals of kerala transcend the level of mere entertainment. They are inherited from an age-old tradition that exudes the essence of the state. A closer look at the kerala calendar will reveal that it is a land where the festivals never end. Apart from traditional festivals like Onam and Vishnu, the state is host to a score of temple festivals like the world renowned Thrissur Pooram. The state also benefits from its geographical location. Strategically situated on the western coastline, it provides a gateway to various Gulf and European countries. Besides a big export market base , kerala also has a huge domestic consumer base.

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