Symptoms Of Asthma Controlled By Herbs?

It's tempting to think that our modern day medicine is somehow superior to all the 'primitve' medicine of our ancestors. But that theory doesn't hold up under scrutiny. For thousands of years humans used plants and herbs right out of the fields and forests and avoided the horrible side effects of today's medicine, as well as the creation of "super bacteria" that have grown imperious to our drugs. Here are four asthmatic remedies that have stood the test of time.

Ginger Root Reduces Or Eliminates Phlegm

The common ginger root can be found in almost every grocery store but its knobby brown appearance is strange to many who are more familiar with the delicious smell of ginger in cookies and gingerbread. It is known to be effective for digestion and motion sickness but it also is quite effective at eliminating the phlegm involved in asthma.

To get rid of mucus buildup in the chest and lungs, grate enough fresh ginger root to equal approximately two tablespoons and add to two cups of boiling water. Allow the ginger to steep for 30 minutes and drink a cup of warm tea every two hours or so. It's important to note that ginger from a bottle or can won't have the same effects. It's the fresh ginger essence in the root that helps asthmatics and cold sufferers. The ginger from the shelf is too aged to be of much use as an herbal remedy.

Add Walnuts To Your Ginger And Sleep For Clear Lungs

For centuries, the Chinese have used a combination of walnuts and ginger root to clear the lungs of excessive phlegm and to eliminate persistent couging in the throat. The recipe is simple: remove the meat from three walnuts and grind it finely. Mix with three slices of ginger that have been grated. Just before bedtime, eat your walnut/ginger mixture with warm liquid or tea and go to sleep. According to the Chinese, in the morning your symptoms will be gone.

Insects And Asthmatics Love Mullein

Mullein is an exceedingly abundant plant that grows all over North America and Europe. It loves sunshine and dry soil and is easily cultivated. Our ancestors used Mullein as a medicine for centuries and it has been studied in scientific research projects, which affirm its value. It contains Hesperidin (the predominant flavonoid in lemons and oranges) and Coumarin (smells like vanilla and found in lavender, clover, strawberries, apricots, cherries, and cinnamon) and is a sedative, safe pesticide, antioxidant and even has been used in the treatment of cancer.

It's of interest to asthmatics because it is anti-inflammatory and is an antihistamine. Simply grab a handful of coarsely cut flowers and leaves and drop them intp one quart of boiling water. Drink two cups each day and sweeten with honey, since it smells much better than it tastes.

A Delicious Almond Milk For Better Breathing

The Chinese love almond milk for relief of lung congestion and inflammation. Simply soak some almonds in water for 8-12 hours, or overnight, until they have swelled and are much softer. The Chinese add a small amount of white rice to the mixture although most western herbalists do not. Once the almonds are soft, pour off the water (but save it, since it's loaded with vitamins) and grind what's left into a paste. Add the water back to the mixture, mix with honey and cook on low heat until it's somewhat 'syrupy'. Drink one or two cups per day.

There are two special notes about this delicious homemade remedy:

1. Most recipes recommend removing the ground pulp and drinking the liquid only. However, the pulp is delicious and, depending on your taste, you might wish to leave it in the recipe. If you remove it, don't throw in away but use it in salads, desserts or fruit dishes.

2. It's wise to use organic almonds since you will be getting a very concentrated dose of this excellent nut. The chemical-laden variety definitely isn't as healthy.

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