Tasty Mexican Spices - Cumin, Chili, Coriander and More

Nearly all-Mexican recipes contain Mexican spices. Some spices, such as garlic and garlic powder, can be found anywhere but others are more exotic. Epazote is quite a rare spice and flavors foods such as beans. Also known, as "Mexican tea" epazote should be consumed sparingly because large amounts can be toxic when eaten by humans. It is strong but also soothes digestive pains caused by overindulgence in beans! Different spices are used in different dishes. For instance, spices for Mexican refried beans would differ from spices for beef burritos.

Another Mexican spice frequently found in Mexican dishes is chili powder, sometimes spelt chile powder. This spice is actually a blend of various chilies and other spices. It is used to flavor vegetables, salsas, meats, poultry and pretty much anything else. Chile powder is also a key ingredient in many sweet Mexican dishes and treats. Chipotle chili powder is made from dried, smoked jalapeo peppers. It has a unique taste and suits plenty of recipes. Chipotle is also becoming increasingly popular outside of Mexico. Ancho is another type of chili, which tastes sweet and fruity. Depending on the chili powder recipe, you might want to use green chile powder or pasilla chile powder, since each will give a slightly different flavor to the recipe they are added to so experiment.

Common spices used in Mexico are Cumin, and Oregano. Mexican dishes that include tomatoes are perfect with oregano. It gives the dish an earthy flavor. Cumin gives Mexican dishes a taste that cannot be matched. Cumin takes three to four months of a long summer to grow. Cumin is a dry seed from the herb Cuminum Cyminum that is a member of the parsley family. This spice is the key component in curry powder and chili powder. Cumin can also be boiled and served as a tea, which is called "cumin cider." Cumin is a spice that has been used for many centuries and is going to continue to be used by the people of Mexico for many more.

Recado rojo is a special blend of spices that are from Mexico. It was used as long ago as the Mayans. The spice mixture is red because of the added annatto seeds, which give food a red look to them when added. The blend contains spices such as cinnamon, clove, cumin, oregano garlic, and more. This blend is associated Mexican foods found in the Yucatan. It would be very easy to make this from your own home.

The shrub that annatto seeds come from is called achiote. Grown in Southeast Asia and introduced to the Spanish in the 1800s, the achiote fruit itself is not edible. The American Indians used annatto for body paint many years ago. Some parts of the achiote plant can be added to medical remedies to treat burns and headaches.

If you want to try some of these individual spices or Mexican spice mixes at home, you can get them from major grocery stores. You might want to gather a few of the spices mentioned above and have a go at making your own blend. Add some paprika and salt, and then use to flavor broiled, grilled, or baked foods. This mixture is great with pork or chicken. You cannot really go wrong when making a spice blend, because you can keep adding spices until the result is pleasing. Another great way to use Mexican spices is on the grill so why not invite some friends over, find some upbeat Mexican music, and cook some fantastic Mexican recipes!

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