To Slim With The Plants

To eat less and move more:
A person who wants to lose weight has two possibilities which are presented at her. She can choose to eat less. By doing this, she reduces her caloric intake. From these circumstances, her organism must draw from her fat reserves the energy which misses to achieve her activities of every days. The reserves of grease disappear thus gradually.

The other possibility is that which consists in spending more energy by increasing the physical activity. There still the organization must draw from its fat reserves energy necessary to achieve this activity.

Obviously, these two possibilities can be borrowed at the same time. It is besides what is desirable. One reduces the caloric intake somewhat (but not too much if not one is likely to develop nutritional deficiencies) and one makes physical exercise regularly. In this way the slimming (loss of weight) is done healthily. But there is an additional means to lose healthily: it is to resort to the purification action of the plants. These last can act on the intestine, the liver, the kidneys and blood.

What comes to make these organs in the slimming? They play a capital part there. When a person loses weight, it eliminates much from garbage. This garbage comes from the fat cells. They are stored in grease. When this one is mobilized, this garbage is reintroduced in blood circulation and must be eliminated. Here what occurs on the level of each one of these three organs and blood.

To avoid the obstruction of the intestine:
The slightly laxative plants disencumber the intestine of the food which can accumulate there. The person who loses weight must avoid the constipation. The intestinal obstruction adds besides to the weight of the person. The laxative plants such as the bourdaine and senna thus have a great utility.

To help the liver to neutralize toxins:
It is the liver which has to neutralize toxins and the substances undesirable which circulate in blood. This organ thus exerts a capital function among people who lose weight. It is then normal to help the liver. The burdock is a plant which contains in particular phenol acids which support the neutralization and the elimination of toxins on the level of the liver.

To help the kidneys to eliminate garbage:
As soon as the liver neutralized a toxin and that this one is reintroduced in blood, it then rests with the kidneys to eliminate this toxin. The diuretic plants become very useful then. The busserole is an excellent diuretic which supports renal elimination. Mint also contributes to this function.

To purify blood:
There are also plants which act with the way of blood purification. The salsepareille is an example. The burdock also has such properties.

The use of these plants will be a priceless help to reach an healthy weight.

Here are other use of the plants, to lose weight, in the form of aromatic therapy:
Healthy herb teas (herbal tea):

Lever herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each following plant for a water cup.


To boil water, pour it ebullient on the plants. To let infuse 10 minutes and then filter the liquid. To drink 3 cups per day.

Intestine herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each after put because a irrigate cup.


To area the plants a wet cup additionally concerning hold to boiling throughout 30 seconds. To leave fire additionally concerning permit insert 10 minutes.
To slurp 2 meals consistent with daylight (daybreak additionally as evening). the affair of extremely burly constipation to add a touch of senna following boiling.

The following procedure is additionally authentic: To swallow each evening a soup spoon of linen seeds additionally to wet windowpane or a teaspoon of psyllium seeds.
This preceding means brings to you beside solitary fiber supplement.

Kidney herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each following place as a wet cup.

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