Use of Natural Herbs in Our Food

Many common herbs that you might use in cooking are well known for there healing properties. Using them in cooking is a great way to incorporate the healing attributes of natural herbs with your meals. Chances are you probably already use some herbs in your cooking like basil and thyme but experimenting with even more herbs can add taste to your dishes while improving health.
The Indians and Chinese found out these herbs can be incorporated in food preparation to make it healthy and tasty. Indian style of food making consists of using these herbs in day to life and keeping us healthy. Also the herbs are part of Chinese people life. The Indians and the Chinese introduced these herbs to the world long ago. These herbs were exported other part of world 1500 years back. For all above ,and much more one can visit and experience the real Indo-Chinese Fusion Food.

Cooking with fresh herbs is just as easy as using dried herbs. Just chop up a bit of the herb and season to taste. You will need to use about twice as much of the fresh herb than the dried. You may want to wait until the last 20 minutes of cooking to add the herb so the taste stays crisp. Herbs can be used to flavor any foods. Commonly used in pasta sauces, herbs can also be added to soups, oils, eggs and even desserts and drinks.

You can grow your own herbs in the garden on window sill and have fresh herbs all the time. Some grocery stores have fresh herbs right in the produce section and, of course, you can always find dried herbs in the baking section. If you grow your own herbs, you can freeze them or dry them yourself in a dehydrator to have for future use.

If you have a special condition or illness that might be treated with herbs, then feel free to incorporate the herbs into your usual cooking. Start by adding a small amount of the herb(s) and taste - add more to suit. This is a great way to realize the healthy benefit of herbs without having to remember to take pills.
Indo munch restaurant which has the combination of Chinese and Indian food style, aims in preparing food healthy and tasty and keep us fit. Indo munch Restaurant uses garden fresh herbs in preparing their food without loosing their basic quality For this you can visit and experience the real Indo-Chinese Fusion Food.

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