Where Do You Find Your Food Inspiration?

You would expect it on Food Network, but not ABC. I am talking about the cooking craving. It is hard to watch any cooking show, without the need to get up and start creating culinary masterpieces. But, to get this itch on a Wednesday evening while watching ABC... Not very typical, right?

I started watching Pushing Daisies by accident. It was the start of a new season of shows and my proud TV-addict friends had scheduled their weeks to the minute, planning and planning until every desired show had been accounted for and overlaps were scheduled into Tivo. I watched in fascination and amusement. I have a few shows that I would prefer not to miss, but planning my week according to television is not my style.

Pushing Daisies caught my eye with its bright colors, beautiful costumes and particularly quick and quirky dialog. But, watching a show about a pie maker and his childhood sweetheart has a very interesting, subtle side effect. I started to fill this itch in the second episode; not just an itch to bake, but also an itch to taste a home-made, freshly baked pie.

Dialog often takes place in the kitchen of the pie maker’s pie shop. While our heroes confer on this week’s mystery, they cut strawberries, roll dough, and pull freshly made pies right out of the oven. With the vivid colors and enhanced saturation of the show, you can almost smell the three plum pie and as the characters dig in to eat, you can taste the sweet strawberry or caramel apple crisp.

By the ending credits, I am already in the kitchen digging for flour and honey. Every week, I crave pie. But, now I plan accordingly- running to the grocery store before Wednesday and taking the leftovers to my spoiled, expanding co-workers.

Pushing Daisies has inspired great pie innovations on my part. When Chuck used honey in her pie recipe, so did I. I tested the amounts each week, seeing how the sugar would need to be adjusted with the sweet addition of the honey. Overtime, I perfected a simple pie crust recipe that takes me minutes to make.

When Chuck holds beautiful "cup pies" in her hands, my mind whirred. Perfection! I set out to find the perfect recipe and ratio to make a single pie for a single person. How innovative! Instead of dirtying up a large about of your kitchen and ending up with enough pie to feed a healthy sized family, one single cup pie would be the perfect sweet treat for cravings.

Uncovering these great recipes was a labor of love, because like the pie maker, I have my own personal connection to pie recipes. I started my own site about baking and creating beautiful flaky culinary desserts. Due to a dairy allergy, there are few desserts in the spectrum of sweets that do not contain dairy.

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