Beef Jerky Recipes - 3 Tasty Beef Jerky Recipes

Just when you thought there was a lot of variety of beef jerky flavors available on store shelves, there are hundreds more flavors available by way of hundreds of recipes, either concocted by today's top chefs, handed down from generation to generation or just created by experimenting jerky enthusiasts.

This page will contain links to some of our favorite recipes. However, the beef jerky recipes don't stop here. There are books available and plenty more recipes available on other cooking sites, as well as on packages of marinades and seasonings.

Remember, to begin making your own beef jerky, in addition to these beef jerky recipes you will need to understand the basics of the health risks involved when working with raw meat. You will also need to have the necessary supplies as discussed on how to make beef jerky. Once you have your supplies, you are ready to explore what types of jerky you can make.

Remember, it just doesn't have to beef either! You can make jerky from deer, elk, alligator, pork, turkey and even duck and goose. Then, consider what type of flavor you want. Do you want it hot and spicy? Do you want it sweet? Do you want it tangy? Maybe you would favor it smoky, or garlicky. Maybe you'd prefer something combined like a sweet and sour. Or, perhaps you want something out of the ordinary and want it fruity. Once you figure what kind of taste you are going for, you can narrow down a specific recipe.

Here are three that we like:

Alligator Beef Jerky
That's right. Our first beef jerky recipe example isn't even really beef jerky, but something more exotic. We offer two recipes for alligator beef jerky, one basic and one with a Cajun flair.

Hawaiian Beef Jerky
Say Aloha to this sweet and tangy beef jerky recipe that brings our Pacific Island to the west into our ovens, smokehouses and dehydrators.

Honey Barbeque Beef Jerky
The combination of honey and barbeque has made many a food taste delicious, from chips to burgers to, well, beef jerky. Check out our chosen recipe for a honey barbeque beef jerky.

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