Chitterlings Also Known As Pig Intestines and Hog Maws

For those of you that do not know what chitterlings or hog maws are I'm here to let you in on what they are. Chitterlings are the pig's intestine and hog maws are part of the cow's stomach. Now, the smell is not very pleasant, but the taste is very well worth it. It takes time and patience to prepare this dish. Time preparation is about five hours. If I'm serving this dish I clean the chitterlings and hog maws a day before to same time.

What you will need for this delicious dish:

2 bags of 10lb pre cleaned or a 10lb bucket of chitterlings, depending on how many people you are serving. This is for about 7 people. If you are serving more get an extra 20lbs. If you just want to try them out then just get a one pound bag just to taste.

Two packages of hog maws
1 large onion
2 TBSP of Season salt
TBSP of crushed red pepper
2 TBSP of garlic powder

To start you will have to defrost the chitterlings. The hog maws are usually thawed already. Soak the pig intestines into warm water. Once unthawed remove the feces and hair from the intestines. The intestines should be clear, if you have to pull the inside skin off to get the feces off then do it. As long as it is clean. Cut the intestines in half, unless you prefer them long. This should take about two and a half hours to do. For me it does, because I have to make sure my chitterlings are thoroughly clean. Throw in the hog maws. You can clean these at the same time. If you get go to the right store meat market. Most hog maws are clean, but if not remove the brown feces from the inner part. Hog maws are big and tough, use a sharp knife, cut them into about the size of hand held chicken nuggets.

Once you have cleaned them, Rinse thoroughly with warm water about 4 times. Get a stew pot fill half way with water and cut the eye on high so that the water can begin to boil. There's no need to fill the pot to the top, because the chitterlings holds water. Put the chitterlings and hog maws in the pot and season with the garlic, season salt and red peppers. Cut onion in coarse pieces and throw it in the pot to mix. Once it starts to boil, put the eye on medium and let cook for three hours until tender. Once done, serve on a plate and top it with hot sauce or just it by itself.

That's it! I hope this recipe was simple enough for you and I hope you enjoy it. It may smell bad, but the taste is simply delicious. Never judge a book by its cover. Once you open it and discover it you might enjoy it.

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