Cola Glazed Ham A Southern Treat

Southern folks who are living away from home will wait all year round to return to the place of their birth. There they will find the open arms of their families and friends and the warm comfort of home. One of the things that a Southerner away from home will long for the most is the home cooking. At holiday time the traditional Christmas ham will be a cola glazed ham delight.

People up north just don't appreciate the delicacies of the south. They will look at you in wonder as you tell tales of grits and cornbread. For some reason people think that southern cooking involves some odd meat choices and varmints that are cooked up for dinner. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, you will find that southern cooking includes some of the best foods that the country has to offer.

For those who are away from home during the holidays you might want to cook some of your favorite recipes to give you that down home feeling without actually having to make the trip. You should check with your mom or look online for a recipe for cola glazed ham and add it to your holiday menu.

It is never easy to be away from home during the holidays but you can do your best to recreate the home feeling in your current location. It doesn't really matter where you are, you should have the things that are traditional in your family during these important times of year. One way to do this is with the foods that you prepare. Get together or on the phone with your family and get all of those home style recipes that you will need for your holiday table. You might have a bit of a fight on your hands when it comes to those recipes that have been guarded through the years. But explain that you just want the comfort of the recipes to help your homesickness.

You can even share your traditional holiday meal with new friends that live in your current location. Teach everyone around you about the foods that are customary in the south during the holidays. They will thoroughly enjoy the foods that you prepare; especially your special cola glazed ham. Chances are that no one has ever tried this particular traditional southern meal.

Your cola glazed ham could become the start of a new tradition in your new home. Every year or holiday has a different person prepare the foods that are traditional with their family. You will have a chance to experience the foods that other families prepare and enjoy on their special days. You can even arrange a potluck party where each person brings a dish that is special to them and their traditions.

Sometimes as you get older you will need to let go of your old traditions and start creating new ones. It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to the things that you loved when you were a child. But you don't have to let go of everything, bring along some of the traditions of your childhood into the new ones that you are creating now. Bring along the cola glazed ham and all the warm feelings that it brings. Your new family will remember it as fondly as you do.

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