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Today, more and more people are selecting the buffalo and crab meat. A tender and flavorful meat, buffalo is similar in taste, texture and appearance to beef, but due to low fat content, it has only half the calories. The low cholesterol level of buffalo meat makes it an obvious choice for your cardiovascular system and heart. Crab, fish and buffalo meat is easy to prepare and makes a healthy and tasty substitute on almost every menu.

Buffalo is considered as nature’s multi vitamin. Zinc is the most vital nutrients which helps to boost the immune system and heals wounds faster. Phosphorus is necessary for strong bones and teeth and protein as well which helps to build a strong muscular body.

Moreover, a number of B-complex vitamins which help to produce in the cell of the body, buffalo also consist of vital mineral and iron. Iron aids delivers oxygen to the cells and muscles, thus providing you with the energy required to get through your busy day. So whenever you have made up your mind on buffalo lets serve up buffalo meat which is also known as Bison meat.

This heart healthy meat, 60-70% low fat than beef and 50% less cholesterol is good source of protein, and another heath conscious, rich tasting choice of red meat. Buffalo meat is nutrient dense because of its proportion of fat, protein, vitamins and mineral compared with its caloric value. Being moderate in zinc, high in iron and low in sodium makes this sweet flavored meat an excellent choice of those of us who are looking to manage a low cholesterol and low fat diet, important for good health.

Buffalo, crab and freshwater fish are suitable for the persons who prefer low carbohydrate diet. Freshwater fish is rich in omega3 fatty acid that helps to prevent heart diseases. Today, you can enjoy steaks, soups, stews, and burgers of buffalo, crab and freshwater fish either in restaurant or at home. Buffalo meat, crab meat and freshwater fish are conveniently available in most of the supermarkets and offered by many websites as well. It’s a healthy, hearty, delicious and convenient way to enjoy meat.

Siam Canadian is high up on the list of exporting meat across and offers complete range of buffalo meat, crab meat and freshwater fish. They offer industry’s strictest product inspection programs and their quality control team monitors and implement the strictest procedure and the utmost standards.

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