Gourmet Sicilian Sausage

If you’re against buying processed meat, or are tired of using the same old ready-made sausages, that often don’t yield the flavor you desire, you should consider making your own Gourmet Sausages for grilling.

Contrary to what you might think, making Gourmet Sausages is not a very difficult or expensive process at all. The ingredients and equipment you’ll need for this are quite easily available. Some of the specialized appliances necessary for this can also be bought low-priced, on the internet.

One of the first things that you will need, in order to make Gourmet Sausages, is a meat mincer, if buying one proves to be too expensive an option, you can simply ask your butcher to mince the meat, as per your requirement. Make sure that your meat isn’t sliced too finely, since sausages need to be quite meaty. If you do buy a meat mincer, confirm that it has the right measure of blade for mincing meat for sausages.

Another appliance you will require is a sausage stuffer, which is a simple mechanism that works like a plunger. It is called a screw-thread stuffer.

This sausage stuffing equipment can be made to function by attaching it to your food processor; however, a better option might be, to use a manually operated sausage stuffer, since you will be producing your sausages on a rather small scale, and a mechanical sausage stuffer is entirely unnecessary, unless you plan to make a large number of sausages.

Pick a sausage recipe based on your taste, you may want to stick to a simple recipe - adding 10 - 15 grams of salt to each kilo of meat, is recommended. Or, you can use a ready-made sausage mix, which already have salt added.

You can stick to using a known family recipe, or you can experiment. Try adding fennel seeds and rosemary to your mixture or make your sausages spicy by adding coriander, chili powder.

After you have got the basics right, you can go ahead and make your recipe a lot more interesting, and give it your own personal tough, by experimenting with different combinations and quantities of condiments, and ingredients.

Choose your casings carefully, since the can add to or take away from, the taste and quality of your Gourmet Sausages. You have various options, including collagen casings, sheep casings and hog casings.

Another important thing you must keep in mind, is the meat and fat consistency in your mixture, try frying some of the mixture and tasting it, before stuffing the sausages.

Gourmet Sausages are also a much healthier option, since they contain a much lower amount of fat, compared to their mass-produced counterparts. You can also be sure about the quality of meat that goes into the sausages, whereas you have no way of knowing what kind of meat is put into the ready-made variety.

Once you have tried making your own Gourmet Sausages, you will never want to revert to using the factory-produced sausages available in stores again.

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