Meat - How To Safely Handle It And Cook It

Meat has been a primary means of nourishment for people, pre-dating any historical records. The men in the tribe would go out and hunt before returning with their catch. Thousands of years later, humans are still eating the meat. However, with diseases such as Mad Cow appearing, the need to take better care of the meat you eat has increased tremendously. There are a few things that should be done when storing meat and when dealing with it.

When storing meat, keep it away from other foods such as vegetables, fruits or breads. There is always the possibility that there could be a small hole in the packaging of the meat and if some of the juice from the meat were to get on other foods, there would be a cross contamination and the possibility of a spread of different diseases. When storing in a refrigerator or a freezer, by simply placing a plate underneath the meat, you can restrict the flow of any juices to other foods.

Another important thing to consider comes when you are preparing to use the meats. If you take meat from the freezer and thaw it, you cannot refreeze it. This refreezing of the meat could result in food poisoning in the meat. Therefore, if you thaw a piece of meat, it is advised that you cook the entire piece of meat.

Furthermore, in relation to the thawing of meat, no meat should be kept out for more than two hours. If the meat stays at room temperature for that long, the possibilities for diseases to appear increase resulting in dangers to the consumers. If you do not finish all the meat that you have cooked, the meat should be placed back into the refrigerator right after the meal so that bactera does not have time to grow.

When preparing meat, it should be remembered that steak that has a higher surface area runs the risk of getting more disease in the meat. Therefore, if you are cooking a stir fry or a stew, you should get the meat into the pan or onto the grill as fast as possible to limit the possibilities for disease growth.

If you are cooking ground beef patties, you must wait for them to thaw completely. A partially frozen patty will cook improperly and while the outside of the patties might appear cooked, the inside might not be as cooked.

Don't put your cooked meat onto the same plate as the raw meat was on. Don't use the same knife to cut both raw and cooked unless you've thoroughly cleaned it. Meat is great, but the preparation and the way it is served can save people from fatal diseases.

Meat is a delicious meal that can offer an exceptional amount of protein and iron to your body. However, while it can offer a lot of important minerals and vitamins to your body, it can also be a host to a series of diseases such as Mad Cow disease and E. Coli. By taking care in the ways you prepare, store and serve meat, you can prevent serious complications with different people.

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