New England Clambake: A Healthy, Unique Celebration

Are you and your friends looking for a fun and different way to celebrate a special occasion? A new england clambake could be just the ticket. This traditional Northeastern celebration is gaining popularity outside the New England region for being a healthy, unique, and festive gathering idea.

The coast of New England is the origin place of the first clambake. It started as preparation of the abundant seafood that was caught by the fishermen from the Atlantic ocean. This kind of cooking was done by Native Americans originally and soon it became a tradition. These days it has become very popular in the area and spread all over the coast as well as inland.

Traditionally seafood at new england clambake is prepared by steaming. Some people prefer to cook it on a grill. This food includes lobster, scallops, mussels, clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, onions, and carrots. This steaming process can take as little as a few hours to an entire day depending upon the taste. Once the steaming is over the food is served with butter and lemon wedges.

Ordinary gatherings are a dime a dozen, and can get very monotonous after months of attending the same old dinner parties. Why hold your own clambake? First of all, it is a unique idea.It often seems like everyone is just out of ideas.A clambake celebration is something different, however, and your friends are sure to appreciate the novelty.

The main dish is seafood, which is known for its low amounts of calories and harmful fats. Your meal is steamed, not fried or breaded, which further reduces its calories. Another enticing fact about a new england clambake is that, unlike other popular functions such as barbecues and cookouts, the food served is healthy. Finally, the side dishes are usually vegetables. Even people on strict diets will be able to find something to eat.

The best clambakes are held outdoors, where your guests can see and possibly participate in the cooking. This is also truer to the traditional clambakes of years past. The simplest clambake meal can be prepared in a home steamer indoors, but this does not truly capture the proper atmosphere. Your clambake can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

They know that the new england clambake is a great idea for any celebration, small or large. Several generations of satisfied people rarely lie. By holding a super deluxe lobster clambake, you can be a part of this historical tradition and throw a party your friends will love.

Even though the New England Clambake is something you would normally have to be in New England to enjoy, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Thanks to the technology surrounding the Internet as well as the introduction of readily available overnight delivery via either Fedex or UPS you can now enjoy a traditional New England Clambake anywhere in the continental USA. You now no longer have any excuses not to enjoy this fresh seafood feast!

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