New England Clambake - Now You Can Celebrate

A New England clambake is a fun and different way to celebrate a special occasion. It is a unique festive gathering idea and healthy to boot. It is no wonder, then, that this traditional Northeastern celebration has gained popularity outside New England region as well.

The clambake first originated on the coast of New England as a way to prepare the plentiful seafood that fishermen caught from the Atlantic Ocean. This method of cooking, originally practiced by Native Americans, quickly became tradition. Nowadays, it is popular in the area and has spread all over the coast, and inland as well.

Seafood at a new england clambake is traditionally prepared by steaming it in a fire pit, although some people prefer to use a grill instead. The food can include lobster, scallops, mussels, clams, and vegetables such as corn on the cob, potatoes, onions, and carrots. Steaming can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. After the steaming is finished, the meal is usually served with butter and lemon wedges.

Why keep your own clambake? First of all, it is a unique idea. Ordinary gatherings are a dime a dozen, and can get very monotonous after months of attending the same old dinner parties. It often seems like everyone is just out of ideas. A clambake celebration is something different, however, and your friends are sure to appreciate the newness.

The main dish is seafood, which is known for its low amounts of calories and harmful fats. Your meal is steamed, not fried or breaded, which further reduces its calories. Another enticing fact about a new england clambake is that, unlike other popular functions such as barbecues and cookouts, the food served is healthy. Finally, the side dishes are usually vegetables. Even people on strict diets will be able to find something to eat.

The best clambakes are held outdoors, where your guests can see and possibly participate in the cooking. This is also truer to the traditional clambakes of years past. The simplest clambake meal can be prepared in a home steamer indoors, but this does not truly capture the proper atmosphere. Your clambake can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

The success of the New England clambake has been confirmed over generations. It can successfully be adapted to any celebration, whatever the size. A super deluxe lobster clambake will not only place you in the mainstream of this historical tradition, but also earn you a place in the fond memories of your friends.

It used to be that if you didn't live near the coast, more specifically in New England that enjoying a traditional New England Clambake was next to impossible. However, thankfully that is no longer the case. Online seafood vendors are available and use either UPS or Fedex to overnight fresh seafood and New England Clambakes straight to your door. No longer is there any reason for you not to enjoy this delicious seafood.

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