New England Style Clambake - A Unique And Healthy Feast

A traditional way to celebrate, the New England style clambake, is fast becoming a phenomena as a healthy and unique party idea. It actually originated from the Native Americans wherein its method of cooking quickly became a tradition.
Today, its popularity increased as it paved its way all over the coastal area and inland provinces. This idea began when fishermen caught plentiful fish from the Atlantic Ocean, and people living in the coast prepared their seafood by cooking it outdoors.
Traditionally, seafood at the New England clambake is usually steamed but some people may prefer to cook it by grill. Food during the celebration often comprises of live lobster or lobster bisque, scallops, shrimp, shellfish, mussels, clams and clam chowder, potatoes, onions, corn on the cob, and carrots. The steaming process can take no more than a few hours to an entire day which depends on the taste. Once the steaming is done, the food is served best with butter and lemon wedges.
So why hold your own clambake? First of all, it is simply a unique idea. Ordinary gatherings are a dime a dozen, and can get very monotonous after months of attending the usual old dinner parties. It often seems like everyone is just out of new ideas. A clambake celebration is something different, however, and your friends and guests are sure to appreciate the novelty.
As food enthusiasts may all know, seafood is healthy since it is low-calorie and low-fat guaranteed and with a clambake, the meals are prepared through steaming which will further lessen calories. This is another reason why a New England clambake is a good option for parties. It's undeniably healthy compared to the usual barbecues and cookouts. Even the side dishes are vegetables, so to those who are dieting, well, they can still enjoy the lovely feast.
Your clambake can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. The simplest clambake meal can be prepared in a home steamer indoors, but does not truly capture the proper atmosphere. The best clambakes are usually held outdoors, where your guests can see and possibly participate in the cooking.
The New England style clambake's success has been passed on from generations to generations. It can be adapted to any celebration of any style and size. A nice clambake party will not only place you in the mainstream of this historical tradition, but will also be a memory worth reminiscing.
Even though the New England style clambake is something you would normally have to be in New England to enjoy, it doesn't have to be that way. Thanks to the technology surrounding the Internet as well as the introduction of readily available overnight delivery, you can now enjoy a traditional New England clambake anywhere in the continental USA. You now no longer have any excuses not to participate in this fresh seafood feast!

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