Prepare Your Holiday Cola Glazed Ham

There are some recipes, like your cola glazed ham that you only bring out for the holiday season. There is no reason why you can't prepare these recipes at other times. Make a Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the year, or make your Easter breads in the winter. It is a nice special treat your whole family will love.

It can be a great deal of work to create an entire Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the summer, but the work will be worth it in the end. Make sure your home is suitably air conditioned so that you don't bake the family while you are cooking a large turkey in your oven all day. You could also bring out your cola glazed ham recipe for a nice treat for a picnic. Prepare it ahead of time and make ham sandwiches for your next trip to the beach. There is no reason to keep these recipes locked away until it is time for the holiday.

To make it extra special bring your holiday meal outside for an outdoor treat. A Thanksgiving dinner at the picnic table is a fun way to have a special meal. You will be having the dinner just like the Pilgrims and the Native Americans did originally. Your special Easter meal, complete with sweet breads and cola glazed ham is wonderful anytime of the year. Don't save these special times just for the holiday.

You can also opt for some non traditional meals for the holidays. Try Chinese on Christmas. It'll save you some time and it will be a unique way to celebrate the holiday. Take the stodginess out of your holiday time and try something a little different this year.

Your family might not respond well to the change in the holiday tradition, but once they get used to the idea they will see that each holiday can be a unique experience. Mix it up once in a while and see what happens. Your family will get used to it and even enjoy not knowing what is going to come every holiday.

Try something new this year, serve your cola glazed ham in the middle of the summer and try a picnic on Christmas. It's your holiday; you can do anything you like. Create the tradition of no tradition and get those recipes out of the recipe box and use them whenever you like.

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