Wild Game Meats - How To Choose And How To Cook

For years, wild game meats have been a part of restaurant menus, as chefs have perfected their culinary skills on these savory, low fat meats. Now, as wild game meats are becoming more available to the general public, there's been increased interest in how to prepare various cuts of wild game meat, including bison, elk, ostrich, alligator, and more.

If you're at all doubtful about trying wild game meats, don't be. The market for these lean, easy to prepare meats is exploding as more and more people experience how good wild game tastes. They're also very simple to prepare and in fact, need to be cooked less due to their low fat content.

Several dozen varieties of wild game meat are now available, usually via specialty internet providers. Here are just a few examples: ostrich, buffalo, elk, caribou, alligator, and elk. Or, you can try snapping turtle, kangaroo, or llama.

What Type Of Cuts Are Available?

Most wild game meats are available in the same cuts as traditional meats. Think burgers, steaks, chops, and roasts. Another option is sausage or jerky. Just about any cut you'd see available in traditional meats are also available in their wild game counterparts.

Cooking And Other Preparation

Wild game meats are just like any red or white meat. If you like marinating meats before cooking, feel free. The only limit is your creativity. Use the exact same marinades as any traditional meats.

When you cook wild game meats, there's one simple rule: don't overcook! In fact, this is the common complaint from those who've tried wild game meats. They've been served overcooked game meat, which is dried out. Since wild game meats have a much lower fat content, they take less time to cook and are best served medium rare, cooked through. As far as preparation style, you can grill, roast, pan sear, or any other method by which you normally cook meat.

You can use any beef, pork, chicken, or even seafood recipe with a wild game counterpart. Stews, burgers, roasts, chili, meatballs, and medallions are popular ways to prepare these meats. Wild game meats are highly adaptable to just about any recipe or preparation method you can imagine. The biggest difference? Lower fat and cholesterol!

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