Baby Shower Foods to Wow Your Guests.

When your friends first find out you are pregnant it is such an exciting time and it is filled with such joy. As time goes by and they start to plan a baby shower you realize that this is going to be harder than you originally thought. There are many choices for you to make that range from the decorations, games, and especially the food. Catering to everyone's tastes is a touch gig and it is even harder to accomplish if you don't know who is going. With the guide and tips below you will never have to worry about it again.

The first course at your great baby shower should start with finger food. Finger foods are easy to serve and don't have too much clean up afterwards. They are actually quite easy to serve as well as clean up after. Finger foods range from chips and dip to peanuts and little candies. For example, you can set up a giant bowl of all different sorts of chips inside and have it sitting on a tray. Around this huge bowl you can set up different smaller bowls that have an array of different dips to choice from.

Another idea would be to either buy a different array of fruits. You can cut them up and place them into small bowls which you can serve to your guests. This takes a lot of work as you have to peel and slice many different kinds of fruits. An alternative to this would be if you went out and bought the fruits that are already cut up for you. This takes a lot of the work out of it for you and allows you to focus on other things. Don't forget that even though this may be a good way to go, this convenience does command a price. Usually it isn't cheap for the small amount that it buys.

You have some seriously health conscious people attending then you can always use the same idea with the finger foods and apply it to a vegetable tray. It is a great idea to have a large bowl of carrots and broccoli and baby tomatoes in a large bowl and have that bowl surrounded by smaller bowls filled with all sorts of dip. A good choice for dips could be spinach dip, dill dip, and ranch dip. These all have a great taste and go very well with not only vegetables but also with the finger foods.

Making a delightful assortment of foods for your guests to enjoy doesn't have to be a headache. It can be fun and easy and your are sure to know that your guest will love it all and enjoy.

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