Famous Restaurant Recipes Into Delicious Meals

There is an open secret in any woman's journal that a dress that looks good on the hanger may not be as appealing on a person's body. Same goes with famous restaurant recipes. Alike any open secrets that quickly turned into mini urban legends, it is also said that a written recipe - even from top chefs of famous restaurants - when translated into a home cook meal will never taste the same as the ones in the famous restaurants.

What if you can change that? You can be that top famous restaurant chef. With these 3 simple steps, you will paint your kitchen red!

Wow your guests, save over $300 on dining and save time queuing at your favorite famous restaurants. You can successfully turn your kitchen into famous restaurants like Sizzler, Red Lobster, T.G.I. Friday's, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Chili's and many more!

1. Buy the same ingredients. To whip up a perfect restaurant meal, you need to go the extra mile. Do not just settle for available ingredients in your kitchen, but buy the exact brand of the ingredients. The extra effort will go a long way.

2. Perfection to the T. Measurements of the ingredients and instructions of the recipes from famous restaurants should be followed closely.

3. Recipes MUST be foolproof. There are many written recipes out there that expect the cook to use his or her own estimation, like 'a pinch of salt', 'a dash of vinegar' or 'according to taste'. Now how much exactly is that?

An excellent cook can whip up a dish without any measuring devices, just leave them with their taste buds. But for a newbie like you and I cooking a famous restaurant recipe can be very intimidating. You NEED the exact measurements, the exact time to leave the tray in the oven and the exact instructions of everything.

You want that meal whipped in your kitchen to be as good as the one in the famous restaurant. Wow your guests and be that excellent host or hostess you always wish to be. Indeed you can!

Grab over 700 foolproof recipes that will surely wow your guests while saving over $300 a month on dining and time queuing at top famous restaurants!!

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