Free Soul Recipes Helping Struggling Households

Free soul recipes, available on the internet is attracting more budget starved consumers, reveals a current University study. With  soul foods  low cost and high quality ingredients this southern food has a long reputation for it's staying power and the ability for filling the belly.

The best southern foods such as collard greens, sweet potato  pie, southern meatloaf, peach cobbler, hot water cornbread and other tasty treats continue to make a strong comeback with many struggling families.  As households struggle to meet growing food cost, soul food continues to  roar back as a  life preserver for more and more families across  America.

Home cooking, comfort food, and food that sticks to your ribs are descriptions more families are looking for to stretch their food dollar. An increasing number of families are starting to ride past  fast food  arches and drive-thrus and straight home to cook their own meals in growing numbers.

It's estimated the average family of four can save hundreds o f dollars a month by skipping the Burger and Fries, Pizza and other fast food stops by simply cooking more meals at  home instead. This startling statistic is what's causing the  growing popularity of easy soul food recipes available on the internet.

Recipe clubs, cookbooks and newsletters continue to increase in popularity for struggling families, single mothers and down-sized employees.  The increase in food cost is another reason more families continue to choose eating in ... instead of eating out.

With a generation of families accustomed to eating out (baby boomers, generation X'ers, generation Y's and below), cooking at home is quickly the style of the day. This is especially true because of tightening budgets and shrinking incomes growing numbers continue to experience in this economy.  Because food cost is one of the largest items in most families budgets, soul food recipes continue to work as a life preserver for more low income families.

In the past soul food helped to stretch  the dollars of many cash starved people, now the tasty, nutritious and satisfying food is sought after by people longing for the nostalgic feeling of this popular comfort food. Cookbooks, cooking classes and other home making skills are again in style. June Cleaver is no longer laughed at or ridiculed like in the past.

Like in the past, soul food helped a generation of African Americans get through tough times, tight budgets and low incomes. Now to help fight bulging food cost at the checkout counter  home cooked meals like soul food continues to increase in demand .. and there's no end in sight.

Yes, with tightening bank accounts, job lay offs and shrinking budgets cooking at home is in. Free soul food recipes is a good place to start if you're looking for a food cost - stretching solution. Another benefit of this growing trend? Fighting obesity. Home cooking helps to fight obesity. 

You can avoid many of the high calorie, high sodium, high fat ingredients fast-food is known for by preparing more of your meals at home. Take advantage of the many free soul food recipes available.

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