Popular Dishes Served in Banquet Halls

The food served in banquet halls is arguably the main factor that determines if the event would be a success. Hence, you should be familiar with the most popular dishes served in banquet halls.

Body: Apart from music, entertainment, lighting, and furnishings, the dishes served in a banquet hall is one of the most essential components of any event held in the said type of room. So if you are planning to host a gathering in a banquet hall, you need to know the most popular dishes served in this setting.

Baked stuffed chicken breast is a favorite dish of persons attending a gathering in a banquet hall. This dish is made from high-quality chicken breast, stuffed with an ingredient of your choice. Normally, potatoes are used as stuffing, although certain vegetables may also be used. It is then baked until it is soft and succulent. Most guests enjoy this dish as it is light and it allows them to have more.

Roast pork is perfect for guests who prefer a heavier dish. This dish consists of pork chops and other choice cuts that are seasoned with sauces and roasted on a controlled fire. Certain vegetables such as carrots and corn are sometimes added along the dish. This dish goes well with rice or vegetable salads.

Roast beef and gravy is another such dish which is appropriate for people who cannot eat pork. This dish is made from the best beef parts that have been expertly roasted. The gravy is a notable ingredient of this dish as it gives flavor to the beef. This dish is best eaten with mashed potatoes or vegetables.

Mixed vegetables, on the other hand, is the choice of people who wish to minimize on meat dishes. This colorful dish consists of mushrooms, corn, peas, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, and other types of vegetables. To add flavor, a rich sauce is usually added onto the mixed vegetables. This dish is perfect with rice.

Sashimi is a unique dish which has become popular in banquet halls. This native Japanese dish is made of raw saltwater fish that is thinly sliced and served decoratively. Oftentimes, sashimi is eaten with a specific sauce and wasabi, a pale green paste with a sharp and extremely pungent flavor.

Moving on, whether it is fettuccine, linguini, or spaghetti, pasta dishes are a must-have in banquet halls. Although pasta dishes differ depending on the way they are cooked, they typically have a rich blend of vegetables such as tomatoes. Other ingredients such as cheese are also added to give that distinct taste.

Cooked fish is another fundamental banquet hall dish. This dish can either be fried, grilled, or roasted. In addition, fish may be seasoned with a variety of sauces and flavorings. Guests enjoy fish dishes as this type of food is also light and it goes well with other meals. Popular kinds of fish include salmon, tuna, and milkfish.

Dishes made of other kinds of seafood are also popular in banquet halls. These dishes consist of one of the following seafood or a combination of two or more of them: shrimps, crabs, squids, lobsters, clams, and oysters. Most of the time, seafood dishes are boiled or roasted, and are garnished with vegetables.

Aside from these foods, Soups are standard dishes in banquets. Soups are served at the beginning of the dinner or lunch, and they may come with small pieces of bread. The most popular of these dishes are the mushroom soup and the crab and corn soup.

Lastly, desserts are of course very popular in banquet halls. Served after the main course, this refreshing dish may contain a small cake, ice cream, or assorted fruits. Muffins, cookies, fruit cocktails, and sherbert are common examples of desserts.

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