Alaskan Seafood For The Soul

Want Seafood? Go Alaskan!

A few miles north of mainland America is Alaska, the lone state, and the proud producer of some of the world’s finest seafood. The pristine waters of Alaska are home to five different varieties of Salmon, four different varieties of Whitefish, and a myriad of jumbo-sized shellfish.

Alaska offers clean, untainted waters where its seafood can grow and develop in the wild. There is no fish farming here, only the generous bounty of the ocean. Alaska is the only state which prides itself on its fishing industry, and you can feel a bit better knowing that Alaskan fisheries only produce what is sustainable by the ecosystem- the state works hard to ensure that no over fishing takes place and that the fish populations remain at healthy and sustainable levels.

There are few regions in the world which offer a comparable variety to Alaska. This is hardly surprising, as Alaska is home to over three million lakes, three thousand rivers, and over thirty-four thousand miles of coastline. Along with being a popular tourist destination, Alaskan habitat is largely unspoiled, ensuring that the stock of fish is constantly healthy and mature.

Taste, Texture, and Health

Alaskan Salmon is of the same significance as Alberta Beef- seafood lovers everywhere know the difference between farmed Salmon and a fresh, Alaskan Salmon. The difference comes as more than just taste (though the difference is quite significant), but also in color and texture. Alaskan Salmon has a much deeper color, and is quite tender. Just as a steak lover will notice the difference between AAA, prime-cut beef and poor quality beef, a Salmon lover will immediately see, feel, and taste the difference.

But Alaskan seafood is about much more than simply tasking great. Your body needs certain essential acids, proteins, and fats in order to stay healthy- all of these are joyously provided by Alaskan seafood, which is low in saturated and trans fats, high in lean proteins and amino acids, and full of vitamins and nutrients.

In fact, many experts cite seafood as one of the most important sources of protein and amino acids, and recommend between six and ten servings of seafood per week.


Having trouble thinking of ways to incorporate seafood into your diet? Try some extra-large Alaskan Scallops, or perhaps some Alaskan Spot Prawns. Both are delicious, easy to prepare, and are high in iron and lean protein. Reducing the amount of red meat that you eat and replacing it with fresh Alaskan Seafood is a great way to increase your consumption of amino acids and essential fatty acids while reducing your cholesterol at the same time.

Alaskan Seafood – Good for the body, Great for the soul.

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