Alaskan Smoked Salmon Gift

So you’re stuck in horrible conundrum, wondering what kind of gift could possibly impress your wife/ father/ boss or next door neighbor. But have you thought about Alaskan smoked salmon? No one needs yet another fountain pen, and if you get your wife a vacuum cleaner she’ll go berserk, trust me. But with Alaskan smoked salmon you have the ultimate gift, with a great deal of versatility. Just what kind of occasions does smoked salmon work for when giving gifts? Read on, and we’ll give you some suggestions that will really get you thinking!

Corporate Gift Giving

In this age of low-carb diets and higher health premiums tied to weight, the last thing you want to send to a client or partner is a box of cookies or chocolate. They may like it, or they may be extremely angry with you after they eat the whole box in a frenzy of sugary delight. But if you send a nice package of Alaskan smoked salmon with some gourmet crackers, you’ll be in their good graces for a while. This is a classy gift without too many personal connotations, which is simply perfect for your business gift needs.

Christmas Gifts

Your Aunt Sue is the kind of lady who has everything, likes nothing, and won’t tell you what she wants for the holidays. Usually you would just send her a card, but this year she’s coming to your place and you want her to feel welcome for the holidays. But what on earth do you get her? Alaskan smoked salmon is the perfect gift for that tricky person on your list because it’s considered a tasteful (and tasty) gift that can be shared with others, or kept all for oneself. Feel free to pair the gift with a bottle of wine, perhaps one of your favorites. Salmon goes best with a dry white wine; try a Chardonnay or a Riesling. Brut Champagne also makes a really good complement, as well as a great holiday gift.

The New Neighbors

In this day and age we tend to ignore our neighbors more than anything else, but why not try to welcome the new folks and foster a sense of community. Hey, you never know when you’ll need someone to water your plants. Moving is exhausting, and they probably don’t want to eat pizza yet again. Alaskan smoked salmon is a great gift for new neighbors because it is shelf stable, which means that even if they don’t have their fridge plugged in yet the food won’t go bad. Add some crackers, cream cheese, fruit, and a bottle of wine and the new neighbors might just have a delightful gourmet picnic in their new abode.

The Relative Living in Far-Far-Away

You want to send something special to Cousin Joe in Greece, but you simply don’t know what to send. Most food will be stale by the time it gets there, and many gifts are easily breakable and won’t survive the journey. This is why ordering Alaskan smoked salmon on the Internet is such a great option. This delicious treat is shelf stable, and travels well over long distances. Simply place your order, and the salmon will be sent wherever you want. You don’t even have to wrap it, package it, or stand in a long line to mail it. And once the gift reaches its destination, you’ll have a happy cousin with a full belly.

Whatever your gift giving needs are, Alaskan smoked salmon is a versatile and delectable option for any situation. If you need a classy gift with taste, and style, look no further. A premium jar of Alaskan smoked salmon, paired with gourmet crackers or a fine bottle of wine, makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

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