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So you want to give someone special Alaskan smoked salmon as a gift. The problem is it looks so lonely sitting there by itself. You want to put together a spectacular package that your recipient will remember for a long time to come. Trust me, they?ll be more than delighted just to get the smoked salmon, but if you want to create a gift basket or complement your smoked salmon with another gift, here are some ideas for you to contemplate.

Gourmet Crackers

Nothing goes better with a slice of Alaskan smoked salmon than a buttery, flaky, cracker. Try a multi grain or rye cracker to really give the combination some texture and rich flavor. Your local delicatessen may be the best place to find those special gourmet crackers for your next party platter. Of course, you don?t always have to go all fancy either. Sometimes there's nothing that goes better with a piece of Alaskan smoked salmon than a crumbly Ritz cracker.


A gift of Alaskan smoked salmon goes very well with a nice white wine, which is the go to choice for all seafood dishes. If you?re looking for a wine that will be consumed with the smoked salmon, I would recommend a dry white wine or even Brut champagne. These tend to complement the smoky flavor best. Gew?rztraminer is a nice middle of the road choice with a subtle, fruity flavor. For a sweeter white wine try a Riesling or a Muscatel, which is a personal favorite of mine and very worth checking out (though of course, I?m biased).

Cheese, Spreads, and Dip

Imagine: a whole grain cracker topped with a dollop of dilled sour cream and crowned with a small slice of Alaskan smoked salmon. It's simply taste bud heaven. Soft cheeses also pair well with salmon; go for Neufchatel cheese or a well aged Brie for a truly special gift. A tub of cream cheese, either plain or flavored always goes well. If the recipient likes lots of flavor you can also pair the smoked salmon with an herb spread; dill goes especially well with salmon.

Serving Platter

What if your friend is going to share the wealth, and not hoard their Alaskan smoked salmon all to themselves (like I would)? You don?t want them to have to present this gourmet food on a paper plate, do you? To solve this problem simply get a nice serving plate. Smoked salmon served by itself looks stunning on a polished wood plate that is rectangular. Or, if crackers are going to be involved, try going with a round plate to make fitting the appetizers on the plate more easily. A nice wooden cutting board also makes a nice tray. Use your imagination and find something truly unique and memorable. This pairing is excellent because it leaves the recipient with a tangible object with which to remember the delicious smoked salmon.

More Gift Ideas

Is your gift recipient a perpetual snacker? Throw in some munchies like wild game sticks or even a roll of summer sausage. Make it an Alaskan themed gift by adding some wild berry jellies and an Ulu knife. Flavored hot chocolate and herbal teas are always welcome on a cold winter's night. Get creative. Who says you even need a basket? Use a toolbox for your favorite handyman; a bait bucket for a fisherman; a mixing bowl for the cook; etc. Your only limit is your imagination.

At the end of the day, what counts is your thoughtful nature. The recipient of your Alaskan smoked salmon gift will simply be thrilled that you thought about them. Alaskan smoked salmon will add class to any gift and make it memorable.

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