Best Catfish Bait Recipes

Catfish fishing is very popular all across the nation. One reason for its popularity is because the catfish can be a very challenging species to catch. The fact that some of them grow to amazing sizes is another reason many anglers seek them out. Fishing for catfish can be a lot of fun and very exciting giving you the opportunity to create some great fishing stories to share with others. Anglers that fish for catfish understand that the bait you use is one of the most important parts of catching these fish. Stink bait is by far the best and most productive bait you can use for catching catfish and there are many different types of stink baits available. In fact, many anglers mix up their own special catfish bait for each fishing trip they take instead of buying it from the bait shops. Some believe they get better results with their own mixtures. If you are interested in making your own catfish bait then below you will find some basic information about catfish bait recipes. This information will help you have an idea of how to make your own bait. Keep in mind when reviewing these recipes that the worse the catfish bait smells, the better. Recipe One: Dough Balls Making dough ball catfish bait is fairly easy. Start with a base such as peanut butter, cookie dough or bread. Next, place the base you picked out in a bucket and then mix it with something to give it a scent such as chicken livers, rotten cheese or garlic powder. It may take a few times of combining ingredients together before you find the right mixture that holds together and draws the catfish but you get the general idea. Once you have the mixture that works best for you take it and roll out balls about one inch in diameter and place them in a sealed container to keep them fresh until you are ready to use them. When you go fishing all you need to do is to mold the mixture around the hook and you are ready to reel in the catfish. Recipe Two: Lye Soap Using Lye Soap to catch catfish has been around for a long time and continues to be a great bait to use. Start out making this bait by pouring lye into a container. Stir in water until the lye is dissolved, then let it sit until it reaches room temperature. Next, place animal fat on the stovetop until it melts and then let it cool down some. Before the fat gets cold start distributing the lye mixture into the animal fat and stir with a wooden spoon until it becomes thick. It should be thick but you should still be able to stir with the spoon because the next step is to add an ingredient to help increase the smell. This ingredient could be cheese, garlic salt, anise extract or whatever you want to use. The last step is to place the mixture into a soap mold or a bowl and let it set for three to four days until it hardens. It is then ready to use.

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