Celebrate Delicious Lobsters on Lobster Day

"The world is my lobster." - Henry J. Tillman

Who doesn’t like digging into the pulpy interiors of a lobster after waging a difficult, but satisfactory crusade against its crusty exterior? Lobsters present to the crusader a whole new world of flavor, filling his senses with rapture. It’s not for nothing that bulky lobsters have spilled over from regional plates to the wider bowl of the world. Lobsters have emerged as one of the world’s favorite seafood in the last few decades. Lobsters are being exported in droves from areas ranging from the Gulf of Maine to the Gangetic plains of India.

Lobster Day is celebrated on June 13. It’s the official date for the world to raise a unanimous voice in support of this ubiquitous seafood. Lobster-lovers take extra trouble to ensure that the best lobster that they can possible poke their forks into, find its way onto their plate. Though Lobster Day is not an official holiday, lobster lovers do not cringe in making that difficult and time consuming trip to the supermarket to fish a live lobster out of the water tank, or selecting it on a menu.

The history of lobsters stretches to those days when they were exceedingly cheap. It was considered a poor man’s fare. Servants and poverty-stricken people were treated to lobsters. In Massachusetts, some of the servants rebelled and they had it put into their contracts that they would not be forced to eat lobsters more than three times a week. Since then, due to depletion of resources, lobsters have gone on to have one of the highest price tags on the menu! The reasons are numerous.
Lobsters may have a hard shell to protect themselves, but they cannot be expected to survive the sloppy transport system that is utilized to take them places. They give up before they make their way into the kitchen. So the best idea for dining on fresh lobsters in my opinion would be to order it online, and have it delivered to your front door fresh. Though I’m not sure about the process of transportation involved in this case, this seems to be the best possible bet.

Other than the inevitable miseries in transport, lobsters also have to fight a lot of other problems before they get entangled in the lobster trap. Lobsters are cold-blooded. The recent ascent of world temperature, courtesy Global Warming, has dealt a telling blow on the lobster population. Add to it the upward surge of the pollution graph. Oil leaked from vessels that interfere in the habitat of lobsters has not helped matters either.

Another important issue against lobsters is the fact that people who inhabit lobster-breeding areas, do not get to savor the best of them. The rising demands of export are responsible for this rather unfortunate phenomenon. We, people who live in areas that are situated far away from lobster-breeding waters, have raised the demand by our insatiable love for this crustacean. Well, no one is complaining!

All said and done, Lobster Day is here to bring us together, irrespective of geographical distances, to bask in the alluring taste of lobsters. Make sure to have plenty of them! Unlike many other food items which have a day marked for themselves, lobsters are rated highly by dieticians as well. This is one food that you can have without any nagging guilt. So go ahead and have a ‘Lobsterful’ Day! Happy digging!

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