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What comes in your mind first when you think about barbecue? Sometimes, your mind straightly goes to burgers, toasts, pastry, hot dogs, kebabs, smoked meats, and fish baskets. Here are some meats used barbecuing each year and a few helpful tips on how to prepare them.

Marinated shrimp – Shrimps works well on the barbecue and also the renowned choice for seafood lovers. It requires special care as shrimp cook quickly and can simply escape and fall through the grill grate. BBQ skewers and fish baskets are perfect cooking tool options for grilling aficionados.

Chicken – Chicken is always good on the grill in any form, though the leaner breast meat is far better if it is marinated, if not, meat will become dry. Due to higher fat content on the drumsticks and thighs, it will do well on the grill.

Pork – Pork is a favorite among avid barbecue enthusiasts. The most famous cuts of meat for the grill are ribs followed by pork shoulder and pork butt.

Seafood – Seafood the renowned for BBQ skewers. Fish is perfect on the grill and it has Omega3 fatty acid that is good for your health. Seafood offers appetizing meals and at the same time provides us numerous health benefits.

Beef – Burgers and steaks are the most common forms of beef to barbecue. Experts recommend frozen beef instead of fresh. They also recommend a fattier cut of meat for the grill to keep the meat flavorful and hot. The perfect beef cuts for the grill are the porterhouse steak, rib eye, t-bone and strip steak. For an extra bit of gourmet extravagance the fillet mignon is always a favorite.

If you are someone who loves to eat BBQ skewers, use marinated shrimp, seafood skewers, beef, salmon, pork, etc to enjoy sumptuous barbecue. So what’s your secret of grilling planks and seasoned skewers?

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