Do Lobsters beleive in Karma?

Do Lobster's believe in Karma? by Martin Macisso Jr It started out as a typical Monday morning in late March at New Meadows Lobster, a wholesale lobster broker based in Portland, Maine, the weather was cold, lobsters were more scarce than on record and customer's were few and far between. That was until - a young group of idealists walked in with $3300 in hand and a quest to save life on their conscience. The young group purchased over 300 culls(1 claw lobster) from Pete McAlaney, New Meadows lobster owner, with the sole intention of setting the lobsters free back to their icy North Atlantic homes. The group was unidentified and claimed no religious or political affiliations but a few speculate they practiced some form of Eastern philosophy. The group claimed the lobsters were "God's creatures" and belonged in the sea from where they came. For centuries Buddhists have a believed in partaking in the practice of setting sea creatures free to their homeland as a form of prayer to improve Karma. The belief of the Buddhist is that saving a creature on its way to imminent death will increase one's level of Karma, a spiritual merit system of Buddhism, and also cleanse them of bad energy. According to McAlaney, the group was young, very polite and paid in cash. They asked for the best release point for the lobster and McAlaney directed them to a spot off of East End Beach in Portland. The unfortunate reality for these high-priced crustaceans is that they will most likely wind up in a manmade Maine lobster trap once again. "We told them they're going to get caught again and they said, 'That's OK. We just want them to have a chance before they get caught again,"' McAlaney said. "I don't know if they go around and free chickens and cows or what." At a time when retail prices for lobster have soared to all-time highs of $15 per pound it appeared to be poor timing on the freedom fighting group's behalf. Unless of course - all life is Precious and Priceless. McAleney was no doubt happy about the unexpected business for his less desired 1 claw product and the lives of innocent, hard-shelled sea inhabitants were mercifully saved. Both parties involved probably experienced a win-win situation. Let's just hope they remembered to take the bands off the Lobster's claws.

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