Do You Like Eating Seafood ?

Seafood is considered a delicious and special dish . Seafood recipes can be fun and healthy and let's not forget to mention EASY! Using your favorite seafood, such as shrimp, mussels scallops or crab and a few of the ideas given in this article you can continue to create unique and healthy seafood recipes time and time again.

Picking out a seafood recipe is an easy thing to do, with the help of the search engines you can find almost any kind of recipe that you like. Just using the phrase "Seafood Recipe" will return a mountain of sites that will take hours to browse through. Of course if your just looking for one really good recipe, you could easily find that in five minutes or less.

Now traditional clambake recipes and lobster recipes are good, but who has the time for the clambake or the money for lobster? As a working wife and mother, time is of the essence and if I cannot get dinner on the table in a reasonable amount of time, it's not worth doing, but I have to be able to please my family in the process.

I personally have trouble eyeballing ingredients to see if I have added the right amount. I have a few ingredients that I use frequently in many dishes and have adapted them into my new healthier menu. Seafood is excellent for a tasty, low-calorie menu because it can be cooked in almost any fashion without losing its flavor.

Let's consider shrimp, for example... a pound of 26 - 35 count shrimp on sale should cost you about $8.00 and what a treat your whole family will love! Peel and de-vein your shrimp using a small paring knife fed through the back of the shrimp from the top to the tail (knife facing away from shrimp body and cutting through the shell) making it easy to open up the shell so your shrimp will pop right out! And by purchasing the already frozen, peeled and de-veined version you can save even more time.

The combination of spices and condiments should start with a teaspoon each of butter and extra virgin olive oil. Add a clove of garlic, or if a clove is not available, a teaspoon of chopped garlic. Half an onion, finely chopped, a sprig of parsley, and salt and pepper to taste complete the seasoning preparations. You may find it more convenient to prepare these seasonings in advance so that when you're ready to actually begin cooking, you can add them with a minimum of fuss and your meal will be ready within about twenty minutes.

Serve your shrimp over a bed of wild rice (that you cooked in chicken broth) along with a side of asparagus and baby portabella mushrooms (cooked together with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt on the stovetop or wrapped in foil on the grill) and you end up with a succulent feast that is not only tasty but healthy, too in 30 - 45 minutes... now if I could only get my husband to do the dishes I'd have it made.

Once you start using different seafood items in your cooking, it will slowly become a normal practice. One of the benefits of cooking with seafood is how healthy it can be. Especially when dealing with fresh seafood from one of the eastern seaboard towns or companies that ship overnight to the continental US. There is also an abundance of seafood recipes available online. If necessary you can also visit your local bookstore to get some great recipe books that focus specifically on seafood.

When you are planning a family get together, definitely consider using a seafood recipe to make the occasion memorable. Most people when presented with a fresh seafood meal think that this is a special treat or a rare occasion.

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