Eat Seafood and Fish to Keep Yourself Healthy

There are plenty of reasons to eat seafood and fish. Fish is rich in high quality protein and low is cholesterol and fat. Seafood and fish are an outstanding source of vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium. There is lots of evidence that people who habitually include fish in their diet have low risk of unwanted weight gain.

The other advantage of seafood is that there is lower risk of developing Alzheimer disease and reduction in the possibility of developing type 2 diabetic diseases. Seafood, fish and shrimp are essential part of the Mediterranean diet. In most of the countries where people are eating fish with using olive oil have low risk of cancer and heart problems.

Various researches and studies have also proves that fish and seafood are beneficial for pregnant women as well. The Omega 3 fatty acids seem to have positive effect on the brain development and also reduce the risk of premature birth. The advantages of eating fish are so obvious that AHA (American Heart Association) has recommends that adults should eat fish atleast twice a week. If you are suffering from heart disease then AHA recommends consuming Omega 3 fatty acids as much as you can. Fish can prevent the first stage heart disease.

Indonesia is well known for seafood, fish and shrimp. Indonesia is the ranked as sixth largest fish and seafood producing nation. Every year, Indonesia catches 3.7 million tonnes (approx) and it retrieves around US $1.76 billion by exporting 80,000 tonnes.

Talking about great news or seafood lovers! Different variety of seafood like fish, crabs, shrimp, octopus etc. is now available everywhere and hotels, resorts and restaurants have seen a rise in the demand due to its sumptuous taste and competitive price. There are many big cities with superior hotels and restaurants have tanks with a conceivable variety of aquatic creatures.

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