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Beach vacations offer a nice variety of activities, including fine dining. Practically every beach enthusiast looks forward to enjoying seafood while visiting their favorite seaside retreat. Depending on the location, visitors are likely to find excellent options in fresh local seafood. Experienced beach goers might choose to enjoy seafood after a day on the sand, or pack a cooler and take home some of the local items for later.

The northeast USA is home to clams, scallops, lobsters, cod, striped bass, swordfish and other seafood. Visitors to Maine, Massachusetts, New York and other areas are thrilled to find local restaurants and seafood stands where fresh lobster, steam clams and other treasures are served hot and ready to eat.

As vacationers move south along the Mid-Atlantic coast, the variety changes to include blue crabs, oysters, saltwater trout, flounder and more.

The Chesapeake Bay area includes Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Local seafood restaurants, carryouts and markets serve crabs, scallops, oysters, clams, fish and other local items. Delicacies such as steamed crabs, soft crab sandwiches and crabcakes await summertime travelers. In the cooler months, oysters, clams and fish are in season and ready to enjoy.

Beaches along the southern part of the USA feature a different style of cooking and variety of seafood. Once vacationers reach North Carolina and South, shrimp, snapper, cobia and other fish begin to dominate the cuisine. Fresh local shrimp are an integral part of beach cuisine thru the Carolinas, Georgia and into Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Beach lovers that venture into the Caribbean also find unique seafood dishes that might include unfamiliar dishes such as conch chowder, grilled rock lobster tails, mahi mahi and grouper. The mixture of tropical fruits, spices and local seafood offer visitors with exciting mealtime experiences.

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