Fresh Live Lobster Makes A Great Gift

Are you a seafood lover who lives far from the coast? How disappointing is it to go out to a restaurant and pay 20 or even 30 dollars for a 'market' rate lobster, only to find out that it's a half pound, half empty shell that probably hasn't been fresh since last month? Does this disappointment sound familiar? It doesn't have to. You can now order fresh live lobster, delivered directly to you, from Quality Fresh Seafood.

Fresh lobster is the best. There are so many different dishes that taste great with lobster. And cracking open a freshly steamed lobster is one of life's great pleasures. Unless you live close to a coast however, it's unlikely it's a pleasure you get to indulge in often. Sure, most grocery store offer 'live' lobster, but they're usually old and sickly by the time they reach your store, and they're over prices. Buying a lobster dish in a restaurant takes away even more control, as you have no way of knowing just how fresh your lobster really is.

If you're the kind of person who loves to cook seafood for their family, we've got a great new solution for you. Order your fresh live lobster from Quality Fresh Seafood today, and we'll have it to your door when you want it. Having a dinner party? Well then order some of our great one pound lobsters. Want to cook for the whole family? We've got two and three pounders that will give you tons of meat! And all of our lobsters come fresh from the Maine coast!

You may be wondering how we're able to provide you with excellent fresh live lobsters all year. Off the coast of Maine, we've build facilities that are able to keep the lobsters in their natural habitat, even after they've been caught. This means that after the lobster season is over, we've still got tanks full of delicious and healthy lobsters, ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notices, and sure to be the freshest lobster there is, whether it's February or August!

When you are able to get fresh live lobster all year, your dinning possibilities will quickly open up. How about a nice lobster bisque when you’re feeling a fall chill? Perhaps you’d like to impress your friends and neighbors with some lobster appetizers. And if you’re really in the mood to show off your stuff, you can order several of our one pound lobsters any time in the year, and give everyone their own to crack into!

Quality Fresh Seafood is your source of fresh live lobsters all year round. Instead of wasting your time trying to find something fresh at the local chain market, come direct to the source without ever having to leave your desk! You’ll buy confidently, knowing that we are sending you the freshest seafood out there, straight from the coast of Maine. No one will know your secret to getting the best quality seafood out there, year round!

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Are you craving Live Maine Lobster , but only like the freshest stuff, and hate paying restaurant prices? Well, you’ll be able to enjoy lobster whenever you want with Quality Fresh seafood. Head on over to our website and order our delicious Lobster Tails, delivered to you overnight to your front door.