Get Healthy: Add Fresh Seafood To Your Diet

It has been known for many years that eating fresh seafood provides health benefits. However, no one has been sure of the exact reasons for this effect. Yes, fish and other seafood is high in protein and low in fat, but these basic properties do not explain all the benefits enjoyed by people whose diet is high in these foods.

The discovery of higher Mercury levels in farm raised fish has led scientist to believe that one should stick with wild caught fish whenever possible. Long term studies have not been conducted yet to determine the effects of eating farm raised fish but it is assumed that the exposure to Mercury will have negative effects.

The good thing about wild caught fish is that they have been literally untouched by mankind. Crops and meat sources that are farmed have been manipulated by scientists in order to increase yields, lower growth time frames and make items easier to ship. Wild caught fish are not subject to these kinds of manipulation.

Following the introduction of new technologies, however, and the discovery of omega-3 fatty acids and their key role to various aspects of human health, the benefits of enjoying a diet rich in, for instance, lobster meat or other kinds of fresh seafood suddenly became far more visible and clear.

The almost magical activity by the omega-3s starts as early as on fetal stage of human development. Docosahexaenoic acid, commonly found in fish, crab and lobster meat, is an essential component for building brain and nerve fetal tissue as well as the retina. Consequently, research suggests that higher consumption of fresh seafood low in mercury by a pregnant woman is beneficial for infant cognition.

Research has shown that a diet high in omega-3 will confer health advantages prenatally which persist after birth. Children eating such a diet develop less asthma and fewer cases of airway inflammation. Since live lobster and king crab are excellent sources of omega-3, adults will enjoy getting their regular dose.

Eating fresh seafood was shown to lower the rates of depression in post-partum women as well as lower their risk of breast cancer. Consuming Omega 3s also protected against a number of heart diseases, prevented strokes, and improved eye and neurological functioning. Lastly, they were shown to stop mental deterioration in later years, therefore saving the contented fresh seafood afficionados manifold the expenses of their hobby.

What is more, fish contain more than just one advisable substance. Vitamin D they are also rich in offers potent anti-cancer and bone-building properties, while Astaxanthin, a powerful anti-oxidant found in salmon and giving it the characteristic orange color, confers a host of documented health benefits.

Finally, utilizing natural ingredients found in widely available food items is in line with most modern medical trends and the prevalent notion that it is much more efficient to prevent diseases than to cure them. To sum up - eat and enjoy.

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