Gourmet Seafood Is A Great Gift!

Many people have distaste for the word "gourmet" until they learn the actual meaning of it. A gourmet is simply a person with a detailed knowledge of the finest food and drink. The term originally came from the French word "groumet" which is a valet in charge of wine. Gourmet seafood, then, is the finest seafood. Sending gourmet seafood as a gift is a special and unique way of showing a person that you care for them.

Gourmet seafood can be a gift to customers, clients or employees. There are many companies that offer a pleasing and tasty selection. Careful attention should be paid in order to make the best choice for your important customer. Sending the gift of gourmet seafood is giving the gift of the prize of New England. Your employee or customer will be very pleased and delighted with the surprise of gourmet seafood arriving on their doorstep.

You should carefully consider which company you choose before placing an order of gourmet seafood. Some firms can be easily contacted about the details of your shipment and readily give information about when it will be arriving to your customers and employees. Many companies even offer discounts on a large order, for example, if your gourmet seafood order totals over $500.

The packages you can order include such favorites as Lobster Lover’s Feast or Surf and Turf. How about a Maine Lobster Party, or maybe just one or two live Maine lobsters? A hearty Shrimp and Steak Classic, rustic Australian Rock Lobsters or a Classic New England Clambake can also be ordered. Of course, the prices of these gourmet seafood packages depend on the quantity and the distance it’s being sent.

How to Order Your Gourmet Seafood

1. You should fill out a corporate gift order form and fax it in to the company. Or, if you prefer, the customer care line would be happy to take your order.

2. Make sure your billing address and the address your credit card company has on file are the same.

3. Make sure you place an order well in advance, at least 48 hours prior to when you need it to be shipped, in order to avoid any emergencies. If your gourmet seafood company cannot process your order, they should contact you immediately and provide you with other options. Always ask for a confirmation of the corrected order if this happens.

4. The gourmet seafood company will contact you just before they process the order to your credit card, in order to get your final confirmation.

5. If you receive a discount, the gourmet seafood company will deduct it from the total, usually before the shipping charges are added.

6. Many gourmet seafood companies will notify the recipient via email, so they’ll know when they should expect their package. They will also send you an email when the package has been successfully delivered.

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