Lobster - a Delicious Treat

When you dine on lobster, you may feel like you are truly eating like a king or queen. Lobster is often considered a delicacy and is a rich and delectable meal.

However, before you dive in and take a bite, you may want to learn a little more about what lobster is, how to eat it, where to get it, and how to prepare it.

There are several varieties of lobster, including those with big claws and those without any claws. Squat lobsters, spiny lobsters and slipper lobsters have no claws. A lobster is a marine creature in the crustacean family.

What you usually think of when you think of eating a lobster is the clawed lobster, the reef lobster, and even the small freshwater crawfish. (Crawfish are found in many Creole and southern recipes.)

If you are a food lover, seafood is probably on your repertoire of favorite foods, including lobster. Lobster has often been referred to as the "king of seafood" and rightly so. The lobster is a regal looking creature both in the sea and on the plate, and definitely packed with plenty of flavor. And as with any royalty, lobster does not come cheap.

The best prices (and usually the nicest, freshest lobster too) can be found in coastal regions and fishing villages. If you are far from the sea, the price will be higher. On average, a pound of lobster costs between $7.95 and $29.95, depending on the shop and its location.

If you are going to spend that kind of money on a meal, you should definitely understand how to prepare it. Preparing a delicious lobster is actually much easier than you may think. One tip you should adhere to when preparing a lobster at home is that you should plan on purchasing one lobster per person. Many fishmongers will offer to steam the lobster for you before you take it home, but in order to really enjoy the fresh taste, you should take the lobster home live.

Once you have boiled, grilled or steamed the lobster, an easy way to serve it is with a bib, lemon and butter. This can get messy but is a delicious way to bring out the unmistakable lobster taste in all its glory.

The simple lobster recipes tend to be the best way to enjoy the food. Lobster is a very special food and does not require a lot of frills to dress it up. If you do have leftovers (which is rare but might happen on occasion) you can take the lobster out of the shell and make lobster salad or a lobster po'boy sandwich for the following day's lunch.

Eating lobster can make you feel like a true foodie. Remember, you do not have to be a gourmet food snob to enjoy delectable dishes like lobster. As long as you understand where to buy the lobster, how to prepare it, and find a great lobster recipe, you are sure to have a meal to remember. If you are a lobster novice, try your hand at doing a little research in the form of visiting your favorite local seafood restaurant and ordering up!

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