Lobster: Delicious Anywhere In The World

Having fresh shellfish for dinner is a wonderful dining experience that everyone should find a way to try. While it is easiest to obtain fresh shellfish if you live on or near one of the coasts, where is seafood is plentiful, there might still be a specialty shop or restaurant that flies in the "catch of the day." The best place to get fresh shellfish yourself is via the Internet-FedEx delivers to the continental U.S. which makes it possible for one to have fresh seafood on a regular basis. Having fresh fish is definitely so much better than frozen.

Lobster is certainly the king of seafood. The first one which decided to try and eat one must have had courage. In fact, they were not popular for a long time. Did you know that what to us is a pricey delicacy was once the food of commoners? It's true; however, that piece of trivia will probably be small comfort when you?re shelling out $11.95 a pound in stores or $29.95 in a restaurant. Often times ordering online is the best way to ensure you are getting the freshest lobster possible. After all, even if your in the Arizona desert, this way you can order it directly from a coastal area and have it shipped to you.

If you wish to prepare lobster at home, you buy one per person, alive and kicking at your fishmonger or seafood counter, bringing them home in a bag. Do not put them in fresh water; people often do, but it will kill them. Just close the bag well and keep it in the refrigerator. They don't really keep: plan to eat them that evening.

This is the hardest part. Each lobster, sadly, will have to give its life for your meal, and you are the one who has to make it happen. To do it humanely, you can drop them into water that is at a violent rolling boil, or you can put them out of their misery first by inserting the point of a knife briskly between the head and the body, which kills them instantly. If you choose the second option, you can grill them. They can also be steamed in less water.

Put on a bib, serve your lobster with some butter and lemon, and don't stand on ceremony. There are tasty morsels of meat all throughout the shell. Green tomalley or red roe which you may find in the body is edible as well, and gourmets prize this for sure.

Lobster doesn't have to be the only dish served at this kind of ocean-themed meal. Fresh shellfish such as mussels, steamer clams, oysters, shrimp and crayfish are all delicious ways to enjoy the gifts of the sea. Mussels are excellent when scrubbed and steamed in water, wine or broth. Steamer clams are dipped in their own broth after steaming to remove any remaining sand. Oysters are perhaps the most versatile of all, being popular fried, baked and even raw.

Should these kind of seafood be still a bit daunting, there's another choice for the faint of heart. You can always go to the soup aisle and purchase some clam chowder. Fresh fish is better, but you'll at least get the true briny taste of the ocean. Serve it with oyster crackers, perhaps an extra dash of cream, and lots of ground black pepper. Then think you're on the shore.

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