Lobsters in American Culture

I know at least dozen people who just hate fishes. But serve them a plateful of lobster and you will be astonished to see the level of enthusiasm they show in attacking their prey lying over the plate. Well, you can not blame them. Lobsters are truly yummy. These fleshy, buttery sea foods are really hard to resist. So no wonder, lobster dishes remained a much adored delicacy among the Royals and aristocrats of mediaeval Europe.

Cut to nineteenth century North America and you will amazed to find out that eating lobster was regarded as a mark of poverty during this period. In the Maritime Provinces of North western states and in some parts of Canada, the lobsters were the stuff that the slaves and people belonging to lower ranks of the society used to consume. They were also used as fertilizers by the farmers in these provinces.

The things changed dramatically with the improvement in transportation when it became possible to supply live lobsters to bustling urban centers. The Americans were quick to recognize the gastronomic value of the fresh lobster which soon became an integral part of luxury and aristocratic menu. It also opened up the huge business possibility involving exports of North American lobsters to Europe and Japan and the business still continues today when lobsters have become really expensive in these countries.

A connoisseur of lobster will never purchase a pre cooked canned lobster. In the USA, lobsters are purchased alive. Head to a five star hotel, and order a lobster. Chances are, you will be directed to the tank where live lobsters are stored and you will be requested to choose the one you would like to have. If you have ordered a steamed or boiled lobster, a perfectionist cook will prefer to place the live lobster into the pot. If you order fried, grilled or baked lobster, an experienced chef will never boil it before further cooking. Traditionally, boiling of lobster involves simmering of the lobster for 5 minutes for the first pound and 3 minutes for each extra pound. However, the flesh of the lobster may get toughen if you refrigerate it for long.

Do you shy away from lobster because of the hazards it poses with the armor of its shells? Never mind, you can always take help of the special tools to crack the shells of the lobster. There are those nutcrackers, special small forks, and also plastic bib that can help you to enjoy your lobster in the most hassle free manner. If you are going to use your hands for cracking the shells, beware of the sharp points of the claws. You have to gradually master the art of cracking open the sides of the claw. An ordinary fork may come to your rescue in the initial stage.

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